How to style your hair

Keep cleanhairAfter washing your head, rinse them with cool water.
If the ends of the hair are dry, then during shampooing, apply shampoo only to the hair roots, and apply conditioner to the ends.
Immediately after washinghairDo not brush, but lightly dry them with a towel.
Apply a styling agent, for example, a foam or gel, starting from the back of the head - so the tips of the hair will not stick together. To do this, lower your head down and dissolvehair, on which light movements of the palms, apply a styling agent.
Raise your head, slightly shaking your hair - so they will get the volume.
If you need to give the curls a clear shape, then mix a little balm for curly hair with a serum, giving shine, on the palm of your hand and process each strand with the mixture, while twisting it on your finger. After dryhairin a natural way and apply a little serum on the poorly twisted areas.
It is possible to add volume to curly hair by washing them out before going to bed and sprinkling with styling agent. In the morninghairdo not comb, but hand it - so they will not push.
Massage a little mousse into the roots of slightly damp hair, then dry it with a hair dryer using a large-diameter brush and treat the ends of the hair with glitter wax.
If you want to make your hair smooth, then apply a conditioner that does not require rinsing, on wethair, comb and dry them a little. After rubbing a little smoothing cream in your palms and spread it over the entire length of the hair, starting from the level of the ears in a downward direction. Dryhairhair dryer using a flat brush.
Those who want to give hair light negligence should be applied tohairmodeling cream and dry them, lifting his fingers at the roots of the hair. Braid wethairin a braid or twist them and pin a hairpin, after removing the barrette or dismissing the braid, you will get light negligent waves.
To give the hair a volume, apply foam to the roots or spray wethairliquid for laying. After that, round the brush, holding it vertically, wind the strands about 10 cm wide and dry them with a hairdryer.

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