How to teach a child English?

Every day English is becoming more and more confident in the life of a modern person. It is already difficult to imagine a successful manager or top manager without knowledge of a foreign language. In China and Japan, Russia and Argentina, you can meet people who speak English all over the world. This language helps to overcome the continents, and to build relationships between people of completely different cultures.

Given the global world leadership of this adverb, it is not surprising that more and more parents want to teach their child English. However, it is necessary to approach this issue competently and responsibly, so that later there will be no disappointments on the part of the parents, and complete rejection by the child.

Learning languages ​​by a child

Consider the rules of how to teach your child English. Scientists have long noted the fact that children memorize unfamiliar speech much faster than adults, their perception has not yet been littered with various terms, and the children's brain is actively absorbing information.Based on this data, various methods of teaching children English have been developed.

When choosing a teaching method, parents, first of all, should be guided by the age of the baby. Scientists and teachers still have not come to a common opinion, when is it better to begin learning English for children. Some believe that you can start from one and a half years, others offer to wait until the age of three. There are also adherents of the theory that it’s not worthwhile to load the psyche of a baby before five years, since it is still very small and this is an unbearable burden for it.

Parents have several options for teaching the child the English language:

  • Teaching a child to parents at home.
  • Language learning in specialized groups at children's centers of early development, houses of creativity and similar children's institutions.
  • Individual education of the child with the help of a tutor or nanny.

Teaching a child English by parents

This method is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In this case, parents will need fantastic patience and the ability to understand and interest the child.However, with the proper formulation of the process, with this option, it is possible to achieve excellent results.

It should be noted that you can begin to teach a child to speak English from an early age, literally from the cradle. But for this, the family must have suitable conditions. Ideally, one of the parents should know English perfectly and speak it perfectly. Here you need to follow certain rules:

  • From the first days of the baby’s life, one of the parents speaks to him only in English, never switching to his native language.
  • Parents should not change roles, only those who did it from the very beginning, until the child reaches the fully conscious age of seven or eight, should always speak English.
  • With this method, the parent who teaches the child must have excellent pronunciation in order not to spoil the diction of the child, since it will be difficult to correct it later.

If the moment was missed, and the parents decided to teach the child at a more conscious age, then they need to decide on the method of learning English.There are quite a few of them now, but among a multitude of advertising and commercial projects, only a few remain really effective:

  • The most famous technique of Zaitsev - allows you to teach your child to read in English, write and develop excellent pronunciation. Actively used cubes, bright tables, audio and video manuals.
  • Game technique - in this case, classes are held in the form of games, unobtrusively, so that the kid does not even understand that learning is taking place. Also apply a variety of cards with pictures, special games, learn songs and poems.
  • Project methodology - it is possible to deal with it with children older than four years. It consists in conducting lessons on the chosen topic, with its subsequent consolidation. The child at the same time performs the task and shows it to the teacher.

Language learning in special groups

How to teach English to a child if none of the adults have enough knowledge? The best way out in such a situation would be to write the baby into special children's groups for learning foreign languages. Now this service is offered in many children's clubs, houses of creativity or children's centers of early development.The undoubted advantage of such groups is the presence of experienced teachers, professional teaching methods and the opportunity to engage in a children's team.

It is the collective occupation of a kid with children of his age that helps to master the material better and absorb knowledge faster. As a rule, for children from two to five years of age, lessons take place in a playful way. Teachers hold various contests, learn songs in English or small poems with children. Various pictures, cubes, coloring are actively used.

Individual training with a tutor

This method of training is to engage the child with the teacher or nanny at home. It all depends on the qualifications and experience of the teacher, his ability to get along with children. The teacher should know perfectly well how to teach the child English alphabet and grammar, and also be fluent in spoken language with the correct pronunciation. By what method to engage parents can decide with the teacher, although usually the tutors already have a ready-made system of classes.

A very important point here is the understanding between the child and the teacher.Parents should check this moment, and if for any reason contact with the teacher is not established, it is better not to force the child to continue classes. Perhaps the best option would be to find another candidate for this role.

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