How to tie a tie with a cross knot

You will need
  • - tie from thin fabric;
  • - shirt or shirt with a high collar.
Lift up the shirt collar and hang the tie around your man’s neck. Wide enda tieplace on the left shoulder slightly below the narrow end.
Cross the endsa tieby swiping the wide end over the narrow left. Swipe the wide end under the narrow end and slide it forward into the neck loop, then pull it to the left.
Next, stretch the wide end to the right, putting on top of the narrow, then under the narrow and again over the narrow. Stretch the wide end to the left shoulder of your partner and pass through the neck loop from the bottom upwards from the inside of the future node.
Finally, thread the wide end through the eyelet and tighten the knot. Adjust the tie and lower the shirt collar. The cross knot has turned out.
If the endsa tielie carelessly or do not match, untie the knot and try to tie again. Adjust the length of the narrow and wide ends while tying the knot.
After making sure that the tie lies well under the collar, tighten it by gently holding the wide end with one hand. Place the node strictly in the center. Having repeated all the actions many times, you will be able to reproduce them from memory.

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