How to teach a cat?

How to teach a cat?

How to teach a cat?



One of the most independent creatures on Earth is a cat. But even this proud species of animals man managed to tame. How did a man tame a cat?


It is believed that the history of taming cats begins with the time of the emergence of a settled way of life in humans. Mankind has taken up farming and storing food supplies. Then the problem of fighting rodents arose. The man began to invent ways to scare off mice. And at this time people began to attract people who hunted rodents. These were wild cats.


People wanted to tame such a wonderful graceful beast, so that the protection of their supplies was constant. The people began to catch wild cats, and the kittens tried to tame even small ones. People fed cats and looked after them, so that they did not want to leave their habitats. Instead, they caught rodents.


But this is not the only version of wild cat domestication.


How to teach a cat to a place, a cat in a new place.



It is a well-known fact that animals are more sensitive and more susceptible than humans. Especially if it concerns changes in life. For example, a cat in a new place takes root much longer than its owners. She focuses on such things that people do not notice. For example, smells. If a person moves with a cat to a new place of residence, you need to follow some tips.


How to accustom a cat to a place, here it is necessary to show patience. The cat is very restless and dissatisfied after the move. She can hide, does not allow herself to be ironed, does not sit on her hands, and stops going to the cat's toilet. In rare cases, even nausea and inappropriate behavior occurs.


  • The cat may be visited by thoughts of returning to the old place of residence.
  • It is best to lock her in the house for a few days.
  • She will gradually get used to and begin to forget the old place.
  • Before her first walk, it is better to wait until she gets hungry, then she will quickly return home to her favorite bowl.
  • In the following days it will be possible to release it early, and so gradually increase the interval between walking and feeding.


To facilitate its condition should be put the cat corner.Things cat should be put on the places where they will stand in the future. Also expose those items that are familiar to the cat. New items and furniture is better not to put some time. Still it is possible to spread out the clothes on the house, the cat will feel a familiar smell.


On the signs, the first cat enters the new house, but if it's your cat, it's better not to do it. Quite the opposite, when moving, the cat should be left to the familiar and close people whom the animal knows. The appearance of the packaged stuff can shock the cat and cause stress. After moving, you should place the animal's things and organize her house. After that, the cat can be brought to a new home.

If it's not an apartment, but a private house, it's better not to let the cat out on the street for a while. Even so that she does not run away from fright. First he should get comfortable inside the house. The rooms in the house should also be opened one by one, so that the familiarization goes gradually.


To adapt the cat in the new housing will take a very long time, sometimes it takes several weeks. After full mastering of the house, the cat will finally stop rubbing against the furniture and marking the territory.


The article tells how to train a cat to the place of new habitat. After a while, the cat in a new place will learn and return to her usual lifestyle.

People in this case it is best to show patience, and surround the animal with affection and care.


As the man tamed the cat, the story of taming cats.



There is a fairly common version that cats were first tamed in Egypt more than five thousand years ago. According to others, it happened more than nine thousand years ago. In this country they were divine beings, very revered. Catching mice was not a duty, the cat served as a deity of fertility and prosperity. In no case did the cats hurt, it was considered a great sin and a crime.


It was forbidden to take cats out of Egypt. But other countries acquired these beautiful animals through illegal traders. They took them secretly on ships and sold them. Everywhere, except Egypt, cats were perceived simply as beautiful and unusual animals.


Domestic cats subsequently became very popular in developed countries. People crossed different breeds of cats and made new ones. The most beautiful cats were sold for fabulous sums. Keeping a cat with a pedigree was considered a great privilege. Famous and very rich citizens could afford it. The more expensive an animal was, the more significant its owner was in society.At this time, began to appear exhibitions of cats. At exhibitions, the winning host became a significant person and received valuable prizes.


The article tells how a man tamed a cat. The history of taming cats lasted long enough, but later it became the most popular pet. There is not a single person who would resist her gentle and tender purring.


How to teach a cat to sharpen claws?



Surely you have asked yourself the question more than once: How to protect furniture and home interiors from cat claws? In fact, the answer to this question has been found long ago - send your pet's energy to special objects designed for turning claws. Get a scratching post, and even better a house or playground, and then your pet will be able to let go of the beast and come off without harming your home. Scraps are made from natural materials, such as vegetable and textile fibers, sisal and bamboo plates. Cats absolutely no matter what to scratch and tear, but sisal is the most durable material and will last longer. After you have acquired kogtetochku, a playground or a house, you need to gradually accustom to the novelty of your pet.


The following tips will tell you how to teach a cat to sharpen claws.

  1. Choose the appropriate place to place the scraper. It should be available for the cat, at any time, safe for the animal, so that no one would interfere with it and take it by surprise. Look at your pet, he probably has a favorite place. There and put the claw pin. The ideal option - angular kogtetochka.
  2. Bring the cat to the scratching post and show by example that you can sharpen claws. As soon as the cat repeats itself after you, praise it and treat it to the treat. Pet praise and good mood play a very important role in teaching and training animals.
  3. To accelerate the learning process, you can use a special spray to attract cats to the playing place. The smell of the spray will instinctively lure the cat, and she will use the claw.


The turning of claws for cats is a natural occupation inherent in nature itself. With the help of such simple tricks, we accustom the cat to sharpen the claws! Because this process brings pleasure, comparable with a mobile game. You can choose from various claws of interesting shape and attractive design to draw the attention of the animal, as well as decorate the home interior.Most nails are equipped with toys, mice, birds and other teas. Sometimes it comes bundled with a bag of dried catnip - the cats love this herb! It has an invigorating, amusing and relaxing effect. The cat will be happy playground with a house where you can have fun, sleep, relax, and, of course, sharpen claws!


How to introduce a cat with a dog, acquaintance of a cat with a dog.



There are situations when a person brings a new pet (for example, a dog), and a cat lived in the house up to this point. Naturally, she does not want to share master's love and territory, and the most difficult thing is for the person who should reconcile them. Between the pets can turn around the massacre in earnest. In such cases, should be patient and caution.


How to teach a cat?

How to teach a cat?

Sometimes, on the contrary, in the house where the dog lives, a cat appears. The result may be the same as in the previous case. Dog behavior may be unpredictable. But if the kitten is small, the disturbance may be one-sided, only from the side of the dog.


A small kitten, as well as a puppy, is much easier to adapt to new conditions and neighbors.Their instincts are not yet fully developed, and they perceive other animals as playmates. But there are times when neither patience nor compliance with different rules helps. Acquaintance of a cat with a dog develops into a conflict, and they injure each other. In this case, you may have to give the cat to another owner.


So how do you introduce a cat to a dog? When a new pet appears, it is recommended that animals (dog and cat) be kept in different rooms. They will get used to the new smells. If the cat is already adult, the problem will be much more than with the kitten. And the dog may not accept it.


In this case, the isolation of animals from each other will take much longer. Rooms or rooms should be changed. We need to pay more attention to the animal, which has long been living in this house. It is necessary to stroke and caress it, so as not to cause unnecessary jealousy to the newcomer.


After a while, you can try to introduce the cat and the dog with your own eyes. This is best done in a large room. The dog should be on a leash, do not tighten it, it's for the insurance. If the cat runs away, the dog will most likely rush to catch up with it, in which case you should order the dog to sit and praise when it executes the command.If the owner is not sure of the adequate behavior of the dog, it is better not to unhook the collar from the collar at first. If suddenly he decides to rush to the cat, you can step on the leash, preventing a fight between them. With the same purpose, sometimes muzzled.


Cats get used to dogs much longer. It may be a long time before they behave normally in the presence of each other. Each pet must have a personal space for rest in the house, as well as a separate place for food. The cat should make a corner or a house where the dog will not get. The toilet must also be separate and isolated.


The article covers the topic: how to introduce a cat to a dog. Getting a cat to a dog can be quick and painless, and can last a long time. The owners in such cases need to be patient and careful, and, subsequently, in the house will reign friendship and comfort.

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