How to treat laryngotracheitis


With laryngotracheitis, patients complain of fever, scratching, soreness, tickling in the throat, which causes a strong cough. A frequent symptom of this disease is a change in voice, it becomes hoarse, and can reach a complete silence. Some patients may notice difficulty breathing with shortness of breath, blue skin. Laryngeal pain is often localized not only inside but also outside. If you start the disease, it will turn into a chronic form, which is characterized by complaints of fatigue of voice, hoarseness.

Treatment of laryngotracheitis

Laryngotracheitis must be treated. As a rule, treatment includes several stages. First of all, the patient needs a voice mode. He must be silent or speak in a practically silent whisper. In addition, he is shown a diet. At the time of treatment should be excluded cold, hot, spicy and salty foods, the ban and alcoholic beverages.Also he should do alkaline oil inhalations. This is breathing through an inhaler with mineral water, peach oil. Do not forget about antihistamine drugs, which must prescribe a doctor. This could be Tavigil, Telfast, Zyrtec, Claritin, Larotadin. If the treatment was carried out correctly, then the voice will recover in about 10 days. In full force it will be possible to use it after the complete disappearance of inflammation.

Treatment of laryngotracheitis in children

In most cases, children and subspale laryngitis occurs. As a rule, the attack begins at night. There is shortness of breath, paroxysmal barking cough, retraction of malleable places of the chest. The attack can last from several minutes to half an hour, after which the baby sweats and falls asleep. Usually in the morning he wakes up in good condition. However, the picture may repeat in a few days, so parents need to learn how to handle it. First of all, the baby is recommended to pick up and calm him down. The air in the room should be humidified, for this you can bring it into the bathroom and pour hot water.In addition, it is useful to make a hot foot bath. In case of laryngism, doctors recommend to induce a vomiting reflex in the baby.

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