How to treat the aging process

All of us will grow old once, no one has yet left this. The question is not how to avoid it, but how to treat the processes of "maturation" in the body. The cult of youth and beauty spawned in the souls and minds of people the concept of "old age is bad," it is insanity, a decrepit body, etc.

However, we forget about the main thing that living year after year, we accumulate wisdom and life experience. This is a necessary process of personal development, for which a person comes to this world. Life is so short that it is worth spending time on a bad mood from the appearance of wrinkles and gray hair.

In order not to focus on your age, do the following exercises:


- as soon as sad thoughts come to mind, focus on what life course you have already done, who you were and who you became;


- do not look with envy at young women and men, they will also face aging processes in the future;


- look at your children - they are the continuation of you in this world, in them your youth;


- communicate, do not close in yourself;


- walk more, travel, if funds allow;


- enjoy your favorite hobby.


The main thing is not to dwell on the fact that you are aging. Youth is just one stage of life. Learn to find the charms in its other stages. They definitely are, look ahead, do not live in the past.

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