How to turn a boring wall into a fashionable "brick"

Such a wall does not just look like a brick. Even by touch it is difficult to determine that the brickwork under your fingers is just an imitation! How to achieve such an amazing natural effect is described in this master class. All work will take approximately 30 hours.


First, the wall needs to be covered with a layer of gray paint. Glossy or matte paint - does not matter. It is important that the color resemble cement mortar. One layer is enough.

Masking tape.

For the next stage, you need to stock up on a building level, a pencil and a few rolls of masking tape. Marked "brick" grid. The size of each "brick" is 10x20 cm. There is no need for excessive scrupulousness to the dimensions, since ordinary brick walls, especially in old houses, do not differ in perfect proportions. You should not worry about pencil markings either: they will not be visible under several layers of paint.


Once all the markings have been completed and the tapes are glued, the prepared gypsum mortar can be applied with a spatula. Small roughness on the wall is desirable and welcome, they will give the wall a natural rustic look and a “brick” texture. Some "bricks" are intentionally more convex than others.

Remove the painting tape.

Whether it is worth waiting for the complete drying of the gypsum mortar, or to remove the tape that marked the design of the “masonry” shortly after the application of the “brick” layer, depends on the master's patience.

To give additional texture, you can use a sea sponge. Dip it in water, then use it to apply a little more mortar on the wall, especially on the “cement” joints. This will give the wall a natural roughness, as if in old buildings, and soften the strict geometric lines of the "bricks".

Staining of "brickwork".

This part of the project is the most difficult. You will need to show taste and artistic ability to mix colors in order for the finished project to most skillfully imitate authentic brickwork. You will need several different colors of paint in small volumes.There are no big requirements for quality, you can choose from the cheapest options.

Now about the colors. The palette will be orange, beige, bluish aquamarine, black, white and red paint. On a small plate - a palette - to drop a little each paint and with a brush 5-7 cm wide, you can begin to paint each brick separately, mixing different colors. First, the first layer is applied to the entire surface of the brick (do not worry too much about the strict accuracy of the lines), new layers of other colors are added to it with light strokes and brush touches. Some elements of brickwork are painted mainly in gray tones, others - in terracotta or whitish.

You don't have to be a professional artist to paint bricks that look natural and convincing. So do not worry in advance. Go ahead and get to work and enjoy the creative process, the result will certainly be better than you thought!

A few tips: be careful with red, because in excess it will give the bricks a rich wine color. You may have been surprised by the presence in the palette of aquamarine and orange, but they, mixing with neutral colors, give the bricks a more realistic shade than the typical red and brown.

Once again, "stains" are applied with a sea sponge

After the bricks are painted each individually, you can again take a sea sponge and, dipping in paint on the palette, put stains on the painted wall with it. More whitish spots, so that the "bricks" look with light spots of "cement mortar" and to soften the strict "brick" edges. A few black spots on the bricks themselves will give them depth.

Finishing touch

For the most perfect type of brickwork, you can dip the brush in white paint and apply smooth and thin white lines, especially on the “cement layers”.

The work is completed. Of course, we had to invest time in order to turn an ordinary gypsum wall into a “brickwork”, but the result deserves all the costs!

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