How to understand on the first date that he did not like you

Buried in the phone with a smile

You begin to suspect that there lives a whole mini-harem, or at least the general chat of his mistresses. He counts on such a reaction! Therefore, for even greater persuasiveness, every 4–5 minutes sends a message to someone and with a sly grin a pimp reacts to every squeak of the phone.

How to understand on the first date that he did not like you

It smells like garlic

Before the meeting with you, he used a good dose (for immunity, of course, useful, but for close communication ...), sat down closer to you and whispered something romantic, but not in the ear, but in the nose.

Makes a tremendous effort

Offers you to drive to the restaurant (to the house, to the cinema, etc.) on the trolley bus - romance and good for the environment. All the time, he thinks how expensive everything is, how the quality of service has decreased since the time of oil zero, and how ATMs are annoyed with the commission. The restaurant, of course, orders a snack and dessert - two dishes for two.

Begins to remember the past

He tells you about his school love, about the secretary of the former boss, with whom he had a hot date in the parking lot, about some kind of beauty, whom he almost married last week. Season each story with emotions and descriptive details to make you even more teased.

How to understand on the first date that he did not like you

Describes his apartment

Namely, in colors, it tells you about the neighbors in the house: one breeds silkworms, the other plays poker at night, and the third, it seems, calls the girls on the ad from the last page of the newspaper. And hints that the apartment itself is rather big, but the washing machine still for some reason did not fit ...

Includes professors

He recognizes your views on any topic - elections, vegetarianism, feminism, etc. And immediately begins to defend his opposite position: they say, you can die on broccoli alone (British scientists say!), And because of the excessive freedom of women, men will soon disappear altogether from the face of the planet.

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