How correctly to erase soft toys?

Baby soft toys get very dirty very quickly. And to return and cleanliness, many resort to washing. And how to implement it correctly and without harm to the products?


Before embarking on a thorough cleaning, you need to prepare a toy. Such training may include the following actions:

  • Musical toys cannot be washed without removing all mechanisms from them. To remove the device, you should carefully tear the product along the seam and carefully remove all parts without damaging them. Sew a hole with a few stitches. After washing and drying the mechanism can be returned to its place.
  • To facilitate the task, dust off the toy before cleaning. For this you can use a beater or your own palm. To conduct such a procedure is best on the street.
  • If there are parts with unreliable attachments, for example, falling plastic eyes or a nose, they should be removed and replaced after cleaning and drying.
  • If you find any holes, then pre-sew them so that during the wash the entire filler is not outside.

Dry Cleaning

Dry methods should clean large toys or filled with balls, as well as other similar fillers (when washing can cause damage, which will lead to the fact that the particles just spill out).

Several proven methods:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner, it will remove dust from the surface, as well as insect pests that get into the pile.
  2. For dry cleaning, you can use regular baking soda. Place a medium-sized toy in a plastic bag and pour half a glass of soda there. Tie the package and actively shake it, turning it over several times. Then remove the product and vacuum it thoroughly to remove all soda particles from the pile.
  3. Starch, flour or talc can be used to remove greasy stains. Sprinkle them with a contaminated area, rub the area and remove the powder. Repeat the procedure several times.

Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning methods:

  1. Machine washable. This is the most convenient, efficient and fastest way. But how to wash soft toys in the washing machine correctly? First, select the appropriate tool. It is advisable to use washing powder for children's things, it is hypoallergenic, safe and odorless. Secondly, select the appropriate mode.To determine it, study the care information on the product tag. To avoid damage, it is advisable to prefer a delicate wash with a minimum amount of speed. As for the temperature, the higher it is, the better, because it will destroy all pathogenic microorganisms. But excessively high temperatures can cause material damage, so be careful. Thirdly, it is extremely important to rinse the toy well in order to remove all traces of powder from the fibers of the fabric and filler. Set a few rinses. Fourthly, in order not to damage the product and the drum of the machine, it is better to put the toy in the bag. Small toys can be folded into one.
  2. You can wash the toy by hand. To do this, dissolve a small amount of baby washing powder or baby soap in a basin with warm water and place the product in it. Rub it well with your hands or a soft brush, rinse several times and squeeze.
  3. If the filler or external material cannot be exposed to moisture, then only the lint can be cleaned. Prepare a soap solution by adding two tablespoons of grated soap to a glass of warm water.Dampen a rag with this liquid and wipe the entire surface of the toy with it well. To make the product softer, use baby shampoo instead of soap.

When to wash?

How often to wash toys? Many believe that this should be done as far as pollution. But some pollution is invisible, but very dangerous. In addition, the dust accumulates in the pile almost a week, and it can easily get into the airways of the baby during the game. So vacuuming all the toys is desirable weekly.

But wet cleaning (if it is permissible) can be done every 2-4 weeks. If the child practically does not part with his beloved teddy bear and constantly takes him for walks and to kindergarten, then wipe him with a rag dipped in soapy water every evening.


So that the product does not deteriorate, it needs to be dried well and properly. It is desirable to hang ordinary toys on a rope, fixing them with clothespins (they can be fixed, for example, to the feet or paws). And the product dries much faster if you leave it in the sun or near the heater.

Things made of felt or wool can be deformed or sat down when drying as described above. So after cleaning you need to shake it off well, wipe it with a dry soft cloth and put on a towel.After a while turn the product over and change the towel.


To be sure that there are no bacteria and pests on the surface of the toy and in its fibers (for example, dust mites), take care of disinfection. It can be carried out by the following means:

  • Cold. Simply place the toy in the freezer of your refrigerator or on the balcony (of course, only in the winter) for a night or better for a day. At low temperatures, all insects and some pathogens die.
  • Par If you have a steam generator, a steam cleaner or an iron with a steaming function, then use one of these appliances. Hot steam will not damage the material, but it will penetrate the fibers deep into the toy and destroy germs.
  • Disinfectants. You can purchase a spray antiseptic or prepare the composition yourself, for example, from alcohol, diluting it with the same amount of water, or from hydrogen peroxide (five tablespoons per half glass of water). Pour the prepared disinfectant into the tank with a spray bottle and process the toy well, and then dry it.

We return to the product an attractive appearance.

After cleaning, the toy can lose its original appearance. But it can be fixed. Some secrets:

  • If the wool is tangled, then just comb it. And to make this process easier, lightly spray the nap with a baby spray for quick and easy combing.
  • If the pile is too hard after washing, you can steam it a little.
  • If the toy looks very crumpled, then you can stroke it. But it is best to use an iron with a steam function for this purpose.

Keep the toys clean so that they will delight your baby as long as possible!

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