How fashionable to wear cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots - a bold decision for self-confident girls. Of course, they are not suitable for special occasions and “red tracks”, but they will look great for everyday bows. How to create them correctly, we will tell further.

Convenience vs charm

If someone will convince you that shoes a la cowboy take away all your femininity and make you look like untidy men, do not believe it. They simply do not know how to combine them with other elements of women's wardrobe.

How to choose such a special pair?

  1. The first thing to remember - on the shelves of stores today except for the usual brown and black, you can find cowboy shoes of bright colors - red, white, turquoise, so this pair will easily turn into shoes for everyday wear.
  2. In order not to encounter difficulties with the selection of an ensemble, it is worth giving preference to laconic models with minimal decor.
  3. The height of the tops depends on your individual preferences and the fullness of the legs.So, girls with full legs stylists recommend to look at the models above the ankle.

A successful combination

Now let's find out what can be combined with the "westerns":

With a dress. Many stars are very fond of such bows. The most successful of them is an easy sarafan on straps and boots. And the simpler the better, the better. If you want to bring a note of originality - put on a belt in the tone of shoes. Discard the length of the maxi, legs should be open.

With jeans. This is the most advantageous combination, especially if it's skinny or narrower to the bottom of the model, as in the photo. Will complement the image of a loose shirt. And if you want to look more feminine, put on a nice jacket and grab the bag.

For everyday outings, you can wear a T-shirt or a T-shirt, on top of which you can put an extended cardigan.

With denim shorts. This fashionable bow is probably familiar to you from the covers of magazines. In 2005, it was opened to the world by singer and actress Jessica Simpson. The top can be represented by a T-shirt, T-shirt or a cropped top, of course, if you can boast the perfect press.

With leggings. Choose the simplest dress from your wardrobe, and pick up colored leggings for it.In combination with "westerns" it will look very stylish.

With a leather jacket. It may seem that to pick up all the necessary things will be difficult. But this is not the case. Take a bow and jeans as a base and put on a leather jacket. Will add all big, capacious bag.

"Western" - an excellent option for those who love comfort. In them you can easily spend a whole day at work, endure long-term fun with friends and fully enjoy a romantic walk without feeling tired. And most importantly - while looking fashionable and feminine.

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