How to wear emerald?

The natural brilliance and graceful appearance of these gems have long since increased the heartbeats of enchanted collectors and connoisseurs of natural minerals. Emeralds decorated the image of Cleopatra - the Queen of Egypt, who praised the pristine beauty of natural crystals of rich green color. Ruler Solomon admired the facets of sparkling stones in the sun, explaining the power and power of his empire with the influence of amazing minerals.

According to legend, the emerald first appeared in the hands of people when it broke away from the crown of a fallen angel - Lucifer

In the 21st century, the value of emeralds in the jewelry market is growing exponentially - large specimens are more expensive than diamonds, sapphires and rubies. This phenomenon is caused by the rarity of mineral formations, so it is not surprising that they are sold at auctions for unthinkable amounts. However, it is not enough just to become the owner of the first class gem, you need to know how to wear an emerald, with which to combine the decorations of a bright green color.

Useful recommendations: with what emerald ornaments are combined

To make a necklace from a precious crystal harmoniously combined with the image of a person, you need to turn to the opinion of experts in the field of fashion. When choosing a product from emerald, the zodiac sign of the holder of the accessory is also taken into account, therefore, the recommendations of astrologers cannot be ignored.

How to wear emerald?

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Rules of wearing a mineral formation, on the surface of which thousands of shades of green shimmer:

  • If you buy a product with an emerald as a talisman, and not an ornament, then do not pay attention to the purity of the stone - the magical and healing properties of minerals with a transparent and turbid structure are identical.
  • Crystals are not recommended to be worn by people born under the signs of the zodiac Capricorn and Scorpio - the stone will not bring harm, but the benefits of the mineral will remain an inconspicuous phenomenon.
  • If you are patronized by the constellation Leo, Cancer, Aquarius or Sagittarius, then the emerald is optimally related to your energy.
  • A strict image is harmoniously complemented by jewelry with inserts from faceted stones of a saturated green color.
  • Minerals are perfectly combined with tanned skin that has a golden hue.
  • Rings and rings with faceted crystals are usually worn on the ring finger or little finger.
  • Large emeralds are not recommended to wear daily - the brilliance, color and purity of such stones suggest putting on products with green minerals for special occasions.
  • Miniature rings and rings with emeralds are perfectly combined with the "hoops" of precious metals on the wrists, as well as with chains that have a thin weave.
  • Bright green emeralds do not require additional color "support", so it is impractical to use the makeup of the marsh tones in creating the image. It is recommended to stop the choice on cosmetics of calm and warm colors, and in clothes to prefer classical options, without causing cutouts.
  • The stone is in perfect harmony with other wearable jewelry made from aventurine and green amethyst, jewelry made from aquamarine and pink rhodochrosite.

Among the jewelry with emeralds, there are many synthetic fakes, so it is recommended to use the help of a gemologist when choosing an expensive product.

Emeralds are worn by both women and men of different ages.A gemstone harmoniously looks like a ring on a finger or a pendant on the neck of a representative of a strong half of humanity. Girls prefer to complete products full sets of green crystals - earrings and pendant, bracelet and ring.

Tips for caring for emerald jewelry

Before you purchase a gem, be sure to inquire about how to properly care for it. If you follow the following recommendations, you can wear a bright green emerald for a long time:

  • Do not use sharp objects and abrasives that contain chemicals in the stone cleaning process.
  • Additional processing of the fragile mineral is recommended to trust an experienced jeweler who will not damage the surface of the crystal.
  • To give freshness to whole stone, you need to lower the emerald into the water with a drop of ammonia for 15–20 minutes.
How to wear emerald?

Gold pendant with diamonds and emerald, SL;gold earrings with diamonds and emeralds, SL;gold ring with diamonds and emerald, SL(prices link)

It is not recommended to wear jewelry with emeralds daily.Once a week, be sure to leave stones in the bowl with pasteurized water overnight to “remove” the negative energy from the surface of the mineral.

Adhere to this uncomplicated rules, and your emeralds will retain a rich green tint, while the surface of the minerals will not deteriorate. You will be able to wear jewelry with a precious stone at ceremonial events even in 30–40 years.

The emerald is a unique gem that harmoniously complements both a casual look and is suitable for attending ceremonial events. The main thing is to correctly combine bright green crystal jewelry with make-up, clothing and other jewelry, without forgetting about the compatibility of zodiac signs with the powerful energy of the mineral.

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