Hugh Grant: “I have panic attacks before shooting”

September 9, the actor turns 55 years old. And on the eve of this date, it became known that the hero of romantic comedies ("The Diary of Bridget Jones", "Real Love") is preparing for the fourth time to become a father. But to talk about children, about the birthday of Hugh Grant does not like. He admits that the holiday for him is to win a difficult game of golf.

About anniversary

Hugh Grant photo
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For many, a weighty round date is a certain frontier: women begin to do something with their bodies and faces. Are you going to create some kind of madness?
Hugh grant

I have no plans.

What, even a big party do not roll?
Hugh grant

I am afraid of this day as such. I'm afraid of him.

Well, are there any advantages in maturity? Wisdom gained over the years ...
Hugh grant

I do not see any benefits in maturity. Rather, it is sad.

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