Indeed, an unusual presentation of watermelon on the table. Guests will appreciate the creative!

Even a simple and familiar watermelon can be served originally on the table. For example, to make a cake out of it or cut a shark ... Such an idea will definitely surprise the household and guests! And it's easy to do, because watermelon is a rather convenient "material" for creativity.

First of all, you should cut the watermelon so that you can put it "shark head" up. And cut the future jaws.

And cut the bezel (crust) from above and below with a sharp knife to make teeth in the future.

With a teaspoon we start to get watermelon balls.

The remains are cut to the ground with a sharp knife.

Begin to cut the teeth.

Take the grapes or olives and make the eyes of a shark, previously cutting out a hole under them. From the side with a knife we ​​make notches.

From toothpicks and watermelon residues form a fin.

Watermelon balls immersed back into the watermelon. More precisely, already in the shark. The original supply of watermelon on the table is ready!

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