Interesting post cards for February 23

February 23 is the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, so on this holiday you must certainly congratulate all male defenders. A gift is, of course, great, but so that the recipient is doubly pleased, it is worth giving a hand-made postcard.

What should be the card?

Since February 23 is the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the card should make it clear that it is intended for the defender, a real man with a capital letter. That is why purely male attributes are welcome, as well as military items. They can be depicted on a postcard or made in the form of applications.

Show imagination

Another requirement for any postcards is originality. Surely a man will be pleased to receive a bright and creative card. In addition, it is important to put the soul into the manufacture of such a souvenir, because the gift itself is not so much pleasant as the donor’s attention and the thoughts of the recipient that the surprise is presented from the heart.

Now that you know all the requirements for postcards, you can choose one of the options. Below are some interesting ideas.



So, how to make postcards by February 23?

Option One

Make a postcard in the form of a men's shirt with a tie. You will need:

  • thick colored A4 paper;
  • bright thin ribbon;
  • scissors.

Preparation method:

  1. Put a piece of paper in front of you, turning it face down. Now bend to the middle of the vertical edges of the sheet, and then expand them.
  2. Fold the two upper corners inward along the fold line that formed after the first step.
  3. Now fold these same corners in half.
  4. Then bend the top of the paper down the fold line. On the sides there should be triangles that will play the role of shirtless sleeves.
  5. Now turn the structure over to the other side so that the sleeves are at the bottom. Bend the top down. The width of the curved part should be equal to the width of the ribbon.
  6. Now turn the paper over to the other side, placing a ribbon under the folded part. The upper corners bend to the middle, to get a kind of collar.Tie a ribbon with any tie knot. For credibility, you can cut the edges of the ribbon in the form of triangles.
  7. Now bend the lower part of the structure up so that its edges are located under the collar with a tie.
  8. Done! Such a cute postcard will be an ideal gift for colleagues.

Option Two


Original and bright look card in the form of a tuxedo, designed for a true gentleman. Here's what you need to make it:

  • White paper;
  • black paper;
  • 2-3 simple buttons of small size;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • pencil.

Preparation method:

  1. Take a white sheet of paper and fold it in half. The blank for the postcard is ready.
  2. Cut a rectangle out of black paper, the dimensions of which will be equal to the size of half a white sheet, that is, one side of the postcard.
  3. Now to one of the parts of the workpiece (the one that will be the front), glue the black paper.
  4. Cut a triangle out of white paper. Its base should be less than the width of the postcard. The top of the triangle should reach about 2/3 of the card.
  5. Glue the white triangle to the front of the card so that its base is at the top and coincides with the edge of the card.
  6. Now cut a small butterfly out of black paper (it should fit in the upper part of the glued triangle).
  7. Glue the butterfly to the top of the white triangle.
  8. Now glue a pair of buttons under the butterfly.
  9. Inside the postcard, you can draw something (for example, a cylinder and a cane) or glue the appliqué.

Such a postcard may well make a girl for her classmates.

Option Three

Simple option

The next card will be an ideal gift for male military men or at least those who served in the army. For manufacturing will require:

  • two-sided colored paper of yellow, green, black, white and red colors;
  • PVA glue;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • ruler.

Preparation method:

  1. Cut a sheet of white A4 paper into two equal parts. Take one of them and on the sides of its upper part, departing about 5-7 centimeters from the top, make two notches 5 centimeters long. Bend the edges to the middle, but not straight, but slightly obliquely. As a result, you should get a shirt collar.
  2. Now cut the tie out of black paper (its edge should not reach the edge of the postcard) and glue it under the collar.
  3. Take a sheet of green A4 paper and place it on a flat surface horizontally.
  4. Place the card in the middle of the green sheet face up and glue it.
  5. Now, the edges of the green paper are bent to the middle, so that the folds coincide with the edges of the main part.
  6. Fold the upper corners of the cuffs of the uniform.
  7. Cut the shoulder straps out of yellow paper. The length of each of them will be equal to the distance from the edge of the postcard to the bend of the corner of the lapel of the uniform, and the width will be approximately 2 centimeters.
  8. Glue the shoulder straps to the coat hanger.
  9. From the red paper, cut out a few stars (an even number) and glue them to the shoulder straps.
  10. Now from the yellow paper cut out small buttons and glue them to the edges of one of the flaps of the uniform.

Fourth option

Children can make the most simple postcards with the application in the form of a ship. Here's what you need:

  • cardboard sheet for the base of the postcard;
  • colored paper in brown, blue, blue, red and yellow;
  • White paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Preparation method:

  1. First prepare the base. To do this, simply fold a sheet of cardboard in half.
  2. Place the base so that the part of the postcard that will open is facing you. We will glue all the decorative parts to it.
  3. From the blue paper, cut out a rectangle whose sides will be equal to the width of the postcard and 2/3 of its length. Glue the detail to the top of the postcard, aligning the edges. The sky is ready.
  4. From yellow paper, cut out a small circle that will be the sun. Glue it to the blue paper. If desired, you can cut out the beams and strips, gluing them to the edges of the sun.
  5. Remove the rectangle from the blue paper. Its length will be equal to the width of the postcard, and the width will be a third of the length. Trim the upper edge of the cut triangle so that it is a wave. Now you can paste this part to the bottom of the postcard (the edges should be the same). It turned out the sea, on which the ship will sail.
  6. Now you can start making a boat.
  7. Cut out an obtuse triangle from the brown paper with a base, 2-4 centimeters smaller than the width of the postcard. Fold this triangle in half, then expand it. Glue this part to the blue paper so that the fold extends beyond the plane of the postcard. That is, in fact, it is necessary to glue only small parts of the sides of the triangle, the base and the fold line remain unattached.
  8. Now, from the same brown paper, cut out the mast of the future ship,which will be a rectangle with a width of 1-1.5 centimeters and a length equal to about a third of the length of the postcard. Glue the mast to the base of the boat so that its bottom edge is hidden behind the board, that is, behind the base of the triangle.
  9. Now go to the sails. From white paper cut 2 small rectangles of different sizes (they should not differ too much). Now take the larger of them, place it horizontally, lubricate the bottom edge (about 0.5 cm) with glue and glue it to the mast so that it is placed in the middle. Now grease the upper edge (also about 0.5 cm) and glue it, slightly bending the rectangle in width. You have a bulky volumetric sail. Slightly higher, glue a smaller sail.
  10. From red paper cut a small rectangle that will be the flag of the ship. On it you can draw something or write, welcome and appliques.
  11. Glue the flag to the top of the mast.
  12. Postcard is ready!

Make beautiful cards with your own hands and give them to your relatives and friends, they will definitely be happy!

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