Is it necessary to give water to infants

This question is controversial because our grandmothers and great-grandmothers considered pure water to be an irreplaceable product that a person needs. Therefore, from a very young age, they supplemented infants with clean drinking water.
Modern specialists in breastfeeding are convinced that breast milk should be the only and unsupportable infant food (subject to on-demand feeding) before it reaches 6 months of age. Breast milk contains in its composition up to 70% of water, which is enough to saturate the children's body with life-giving moisture. Especially, if you feed a baby from a bottle, there is a possibility of his abandonment of the breast. And this should not be allowed.
In addition to the above, breastfeeding counselors convince women that only full breastfeeding will help maintain lactation at the level necessary for each particular child and extend it for as long as possible.After all, the more milk the baby eats during feeding, the more it will develop to the subsequent food intake. If the baby drinks water, then, accordingly, for complete saturation, it will need less milk and it will start to produce less and less.
However, if the baby is on artificial feeding, then water it necessarily. Also, additional moisture is needed if the interval between feedings is more than 3.5 hours.
Young mummies need to take into account external factors to decide whether you need a little drink. So in a hot, stuffy room or during a long summer walk, clean water is simply necessary to maintain the health of a child’s body.
To feed the baby is necessary and during illness. Especially if it is accompanied by fever, rapid pulse or symptoms of poisoning. Offer your child to drink some water at short intervals. If the child’s thirst does not bother, he will simply refuse to drink.

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