Is it possible to deceive the lie detector?

Recently, the idea of ​​super abilities of a polygraph or a lie detector, as most experts assure you, has become especially popular in society. With this method, real answers and truthful information can be achieved. It is often possible to meet such data: the reliability of the method is 97%, which is a very impressive number. But is it really and really have not yet invented ways to deceive the polygraph?

It turns out that there are a considerable number of methods that make it possible to confuse even such a smart machine, and all the myths about maximum efficiency - this, as it turned out, is nothing more than an advertising move by interested structures that provide services in this field.

In addition, such information completely deprives a person of his will and ability to resist: if he believes that it is impossible to deceive a car, then there is no need to try here. Surely, many of us have repeatedly asked whether it is possible to deceive a polygraph and, most importantly, how to do it? And this does not mean that you want to hide something, nobody has canceled curiosity.

Who can fool a polygraph?

There are categories of people who do not need to try: they will succeed in fooling or confusing the polygraph without much effort. What kind of people are they?

  • Social psychopaths. The fact is that such people have absolutely no idea about the generally accepted norms of morality and social behavior. Accordingly, the violation of these norms and the recognition of the crime will not cause them physiological reactions, which would be able to fix the detector.
  • Pathological lies. Surprisingly, they lie so qualitatively that even they themselves are able to believe in their own lies, that for a polygraph it will look purely true.
  • Professional actors with a capital letter. People who are 100% able to identify themselves with a fictional character can fool a polygraph.

How to do it?

And what about the rest? It turns out ordinary people to cope with such a machine is unrealistic? Why, well, there are special ways for this, however, you still have to work hard. They say there are even such geniuses who have the gift of deceiving the lie detector - an innate one, but of course there are only one such individuals.

  • Chemical method On the eve of testing, you can lubricate the phalanges of your fingers with medical alcohol, which has a tanning effect, resulting in sweating will be significantly reduced.Of course, a specialist may ask you to wash your hands, the effect will decrease, but it will still remain effective.
  • Psychological method. Of course, not everyone will be able to cope without preliminary preparation, because you need to psychologically prepare yourself, calm down and not show your reactions, suppress all emotions, so that nothing reveals your real picture. It helps meditation, total concentration or fantasy: you can imagine that you are watching a movie from the side, and therefore all the answers that you will give are not related to you, but to the main character of this film.
  • Other methods also help - for example, not sleeping for several days, severe tiredness, or taking psychotropic substances that reduce the level of real human reactions. You can take drugs that reduce blood pressure, however, it should be done with caution, knowing in advance the reaction of your body to these drugs.
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