Jam from a melon for the winter: simple and delicious recipes with step-by-step pictures

VID-012Cooking melon jam recipes with step-by-step photos for the winter is offered in the traditional way, boiling the pieces of flesh and crusts in sugar syrup. To enhance the taste of shades use lemons, oranges, apples, bananas and even mango, and enriched the aroma with the help of vanilla, cinnamon or other fragrant spices. Sterilization delicacy is not required. With hermetic preservation under metal lids, it perfectly withstands long-term storage and copes well with the role of the original decoration of cozy home-made tea parties in winter.

Melon jam with lemon for the winter - a simple recipe with photos

To make melon jam, preserved for the winter, turned out to be more fragrant and saturated, it is prepared with the addition of lemon. Peel and juice enrich the taste with pleasant citrus shades and make the color of the seaming more vivid and attractive.Pectin acts as a natural thickener and gives the syrup the necessary dense texture, reminiscent of fruit marmalade.

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