Jared Leto explains why he has no children

The actor and musician is already 45 years old, but he never got together with his family.

The pet of millions of girls, girls and young women from around the world Jared Leto has many titles, even an Oscar. For the supporting role in the film “Dallas Buyers Club”, if anyone is interested, take a look. But one rank in the piggy bank musician, actor, poet, composer and director is not enough. Yes Yes. Dad titles.

But Jared had romance with beautiful women: he had a long meeting with Scarlett Johansson, had romance with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, model Katharina Damme and one of the twin Olsen - Ashley. What is the matter? Will he not meet his only one?

Jared Leto does not want children
Photo: GettyImages

“Raising children is something that you really need to be involved in. And I have too many things to devote myself to fatherhood, ”the portal quotes Jared.

What is the result? A 45-year-old actor just has no time to engage children and family? It looks like it.

No, we believe.Summer just recently finished filming in the "Suicide Squad". They say that in the image of the Joker, he plunged headlong. And then there are concerts, tours, we remember that Jared sings in a group of 30 Seconds To Mars.

“If I do something, I do it well,” said Leto. - The role of the father, I am not yet ready to perform the "excellent". It will require a very large part of me. ”

Maybe the idol of millions will ripen to fatherhood by the age of 50, like his star colleague George Clooney? I want to believe. Well, in the meantime, the actor is content with the company of his best friends. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“We have known each other for a long time. He really has a lot of fun with him. But he is usually very busy. There are people I really love, but it's hard for us to make time to spend it together, ”Jared complained about the busy schedule.

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