Jazz Festival Koktebel: what to expect guests?

The velvet season in Koktebel comes to the sounds of jazz and ethnic music. From all over Ukraine and from neighboring countries people come here attracted by an incredible spectacle. This is the Jazz Festival "Koktebel 2013". The event has an international status; under its auspices, participants from seven countries have now united. The spectacle takes place in the format of Open air - under the magnificent Crimean sky. This fall, the event will take place September 12-15.

Festival of good music

By the way, last year the festival celebrated the tenth anniversary of its existence. Soon the jazz artists will gather for the eleventh time. The first concerts died down in 2003. The idea of ​​the project belongs to Dmitry Kiselev - the famous TV journalist from Russia. Traditionally, there is a spiritual atmosphere, the participants and artists communicate kindly, so that after leaving you will have a warm feeling of celebration. The audience is predominantly cultural and intellectually developed.

The event in Koktebel is unique not only for Ukraine, but also by the standards of the entire CIS.Every year the number of scenes involved increases, new directions and styles are introduced into the program. On the Voloshinskaya (chamber) stage, blues and jazz artists who prefer the classics usually play.

On the platform with free entrance to the Open Stage, viewers can enjoy the work of promising young people. It was on this stage that the world-famous ethno-collective “Dakha-Brakha”, “Silver Wedding” (freak-cabaret from Belarus) and singer Jamal debuted. The bulk of the "pilgrims" are attracted to the NuJazz Stage, which is based within Junge, a cult nudist beach. In addition to the authentic atmosphere, the scene boasts renowned headliners, plunging us into the extravaganza of sound.

Let's get acquainted with those who will perform at the jazz festival in Koktebel this September. Nils Petter Molvaer (the leading European improviser), the legend of the jazz scene Erik Truffaz, electronic master Simon Green (who gained fame under the pseudonym Bonobo) and the legendary Telepopmusik will perform at the main venue. Simon Green, by the way, recently released a new album, “The North Borders”, in support of him arranged a grand tour, in which a live performance is scheduled in Koktebel.

This is a great place to relax

The popular Russian trumpeter Vadim Eilenkrig will join the headliners of the festival. The arrival of Cuban violinist Omara Puente and the Pianoboy project, headed by Dmitry Shurov, are expected. Belgian musician Louis Frank intends to present his solo album ATLANTIDA. The ear and the HARDKISS, domestic performers, recognized as the Opening of the Year, will also delight. Italian flavor will bring the performance of Montefiori.

Adherents of the retro-style will be pleased with the visit of REAL JAM - the Moscow team, who took up the revival of old-school jazz traditions. A trio of vocalists to the accompaniment of drums, saxophone, guitar, double bass and keyboards will delight us with world-famous hits of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Marilyn Monroe and sister Andrews - in unique author arrangements. The repertoire of Muscovites also rock and roll, jive and boogie-woogie.

A special project of the festival will be “New British Music”. As part of this event, bright bands will perform, representing the new British wave - multi-instrumental composer Patrick Wolf and a team called Submotion Orchestra. There will be a third participant in the "British" program, but his name has not yet been disclosed.

Performances of artists on the Voloshinsky stage are organized in the format of original workshops. Voloshinka headliners include Plaistow, Jacob Karlzon Trio, David Helbock, Herbie’s EXPLO 3000, Zoe Gilby. So this autumn we pack backpacks and - to Koktebel!

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