"Kingsman: The Golden Ring" and 6 more cool films of September

Plan ahead to what new film to go? Soon there will be so many interesting pictures on the screens of cinemas that you want to spend in the cinema all seven evenings a week. To leave time and privacy, we chose some of the most-most September premieres.


Premiere: September 7

The cinema based on the cult novel by Stephen King was shot by the Argentine Andres Muskatti. Before the director put only the horror "Mom" with Jessica Chestane, in which he showed that he is able to frighten, trying to catch fears from the subconscious. Guillermo del Toro felt the influence in Mom, which was not surprising - he was a producer. We hope that in “It” Andres Muskatti will show again that the most terrible monster is the one that sits inside us. A book about how in the city of Derry in Maine kills children a monstrous creature that turns into a disgusting clown of Pennyvize, is divided into two temporary blocks describing the childhood of heroes and their life in adulthood.

The film "It" will consist of two parts.In the first, which is coming out now, the main characters will be the guys, and in the second, which we are waiting for next year, the adult characters will complete this tragic story. And the most important thing: the clown Pennyvayza plays twenty seven-year-old Bill Skarsgard, son of Stellan Skarsgard.

"Your name"

Premiere: September 7

Japanese boy and girl, unfamiliar with each other, change bodies in a dream and live a strange life. When this ability suddenly disappears, the heroes go in search of each other. Anime "Your name" in the Japanese box office was a resounding success, taking fourth place in the entire national history. More collected only "Spirited Away", "Titanic" and "Cold Heart". In Russia, Japanese full-length animation is rarely shown on a big screen, with the exception of Hayao Miyazaki. And in vain! Makoto Shinkai, though equal to Miyazaki, confessing his great love for the master's work, but has his own style.


Premiere: September 14

Darren Aronofsky ("The Black Swan") deliberately reports a little about his new film, keeping the intrigue. It is known that the genre is on the verge of drama and horror, and starring stars of the first magnitude: Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris.

A young woman with her husband visits a cozy country house, but their life is idyllic only for the first time. Soon, on the threshold of the house there are unexpected guests who will bring with them a real nightmare.


Premiere: September 14

A computer kid with the voice of Sergey Garmash and the habits of an experienced opera is terribly ridiculous.

Major Khromov, who works under cover, curses the fortune-teller witch, who discovers himself in the body of a baby born in a young family. To complete the important operation, Khromov continues to work, his newly-made father helps him. Together, they represent the perfect pair for cover: a flimsy young dad and baby open up a hunt for the leader of the Far Eastern mafia.

The child turned out to be extremely natural, his facial expressions were done with the use of motion capture technology, which was used, for example, to create a cartoon "Polar Express." At the same time Sergei Garmash was responsible for the facial expression and voice, and Aleksandr Petrov, who played, by the way, Gogol in the recent premiere, for the plastic.

Brad's Status

Premiere: September 14

In the Mark White film (Stepford Wives), Ben Stiller plays a 47-year-old man who was overcome by a midlife crisis.Going with a grown-up son on a tour of the universities, Brad recalls the opportunities that he seemed to have once missed. His former classmates have clearly achieved a lot in life. But what if status is not cool cars and a perpetual cocktail party? “Brad's Status” is a good reminder that you should never devalue your life under any circumstances.


Premiere: 21 September

The hostages of Rezo Gigineishvili are based on the real story of an attempt to hijack a plane by several guys and girls who dream of a better life. It would seem that they all have. In the Soviet Georgia of the 80s, the representatives of the golden youth were brilliantly educated, well dressed, they had a clear and secure future. But their romantic desire for freedom ends in tragedy ...

«Kingsman: The Golden Ring»

Premiere: 21 September

Continuation of the movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service" in 2015, which took all the same Matthew Vaughn.

The action of the second franchise series takes place in America, where the elegant British agents Kingsman, among whom the young spy Eggsi (Theron Edgerton), team up with the US Intelligence Statesman to confront the common enemy.

The main antagonist is played by Julianna Moore, the American colleagues of the “Kingsmans” - Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges.

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