Knitting for obese women

Knitting for obese womenMany stout women, knowing how to masterfully knit or crochet, refuse to knit for themselves. And it's easy to explain, because sometimes it's very difficult to objectively evaluate your figure and the features of selecting models for it. It is necessary to consider a lot of important points, starting from the style and ending with the choice of yarn for knitting. But if everything is done correctly, even knitting for very fat women will look beautiful, fashionable and stylish.

Fashionable knitting for obese women

In order to enjoy the knitting and creating things that are perfect for you, use a few important tips.

- Knitted things for full women should combine two important elements - elegance and simplicity. In order for a woman to look decent and stylish in knitted clothes, she must emphasize her merits and visually hide flaws.

- In models related to obese women, calm and clear colors should prevail, with a minimum of detail. It is impossible to use shoulder pads and patch pockets, as they visually make heavier and add volume to the figure.

- Should be avoided in models related to obese women, too free cut, it only seems that it is well covers problem areas, in fact - adds a few kilograms.

Knitting for obese women is a model of soft, flowing and elastic yarn that adds elegance and style. Fashionable knitted things for the full should smoothly envelop the figure, paying attention to its merits. Prefer models, knitting or crochet, classic cut and try to keep the elegance of the lines.

Look for ideas everywhere. In the press, on the street, on the Internet ...

Knitting for fat women for free

Knitting for obese women, model diagrams, can be found in specialized journals, on the Internet on thematic sites or forums. Many sites provide patterns and patterns of knitting patterns for obese women for free.

All things for complete ones share common features: simplicity of cut, not too voluminous and medium-sized openwork. Pullovers, vests, tunics, jackets, sundresses and capes must be in the wardrobe of a magnificent woman. The main thing is to make sure that they are suitable for you, emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

Even if you are not at the risk of taking on a knitting pullover, sweater or stole, for fear of being disappointed in the product received, you can always hone your skills by creating accessories. All fashion designers claim that knitted hats, berets, scarves, shawls, snoods, mitts and even knitted bags will remain at the peak of fashion for a long time. Knit in pleasure, enjoy the process and catch admiring glances of others.

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