Knitting Patterns

Learning to knit is quite simple, since the process itself consists of just a few movements of knitting the loops. And alternating their sequence with a knitting pattern, you can create unique and rare patterns.

Knitting is a very fascinating process that develops imagination and fantasy, memory and motor skills. It allows you to create not only beautiful, but also unique warm things for the whole family. Fashion for knitting and similar products will never pass, because this skill, honed for years, gives a unique opportunity to get original clothes with minimal financial investments.

What does a beginner master need?

To get started, you need to purchase tools and materials:

  • yarn and thread of a certain type and hue
  • matching knitting needles, the choice of which depends on the thickness of the thread;
  • patterns for knitting, which are found in the text description and graphical form.

It is worth noting that the first couple of points should start with textual schemes, because in them the information is submitted in the most understandable way, and only gradually move to graphic.In different sources, descriptions may vary. Things connected according to the scheme and by hand are always highly valued in society, because such products are characterized by quality, individuality, exclusivity and unique beauty.


How to tie mitts with an owl pattern

How to tie mitts to an owl pattern

Mittens, in which the upper part is not dovyazana, and the fingers remain open, are called mitts. They are definitely convenient in some situations, for example, when using a smartphone - after all, neither with gloves nor with closed mittens will not work
Top for girl crochet

Crochet Girl Top

Light top "Bright summer" will be a favorite thing in the wardrobe of a young fashionista. It is better to knit it from a yarn with a natural basis: from cotton or flax. In combination with a fairly openwork pattern, you get an airy, pleasant to the body and very nosky outfit.
Crochet baby crochet knitting

Knitting crochet baby booties

Greetings to you, dear needlewomen! Shoe, like clothing does not happen much. But how to be little fashionistas and fashionistas who still do not know how to walk? In no case do not despair and do not make a tantrum, because for these purposes a long time ago
Openwork T-shirt with knitting needles

Openwork T-shirt with needles

Doing your own clothes is always original and economical. Almost for every woman sewing and knitting have become an indispensable leisure, which always helps to fill the wardrobe with new, interesting things. Especially the craft craft helps out in
Basket from a plastic bottle with knitted roses

Basket of plastic bottle with crocheted roses

Plastic bottles, freed from their own, are the perfect material for any basis in needlework.With their help, you can shape, make a shape for a small volume, such as jewelry boxes, baskets, etc. Based on plastic
Vest - crocheted mesh

Vest - crocheted mesh

Vests are now the trend of the season. And you can be sure that quickly they will not give up their positions. Very very convenient and versatile is the thing. Those who are not yet very sophisticated in knitting practice, no doubt one can take up the manufacture of such a thing
Crochet lace pattern

Crochet openwork pattern

First row: in the fourth loop of the base, tie a column with a crochet (CH). Pass 2 loops, and through the third make a group of 3 CH (HR). After completing 3 GR with the same omissions, dial 13 VP. Skip the 5 loops of the base and in each third loop knit
Crochet application

Crochet “Spring Mood”

With the onset of heat, I want to diversify the wardrobe with bright and juicy colors.After all, soon there will be more often on the street, enjoying nature and lush green vegetation. Children will come to the site, settle in sandboxes, on
Snud - a pipe with a simple spiral step

Snud - a pipe with a simple spiral pitch

Time for dreams in full swing. Loose scarves are worn in any season, only the pattern and the material from which it is made changes. Therefore, the proverb is quite applicable in a personal wardrobe: there are no many tricks. Moreover, the models of these scarves

Tack "Gentle Roses"

A gentle pot holder decorated with bright roses and an intricate pattern will decorate any interior and make the process of making any drink or dish much more pleasant and comfortable. In addition, such a product can serve as an excellent
Graceful crochet

Elegant crochet shawl

In winter, just can not do without a beautiful warm scarf or neck scarf. They serve not only as an interesting accessory, but also as a protection against cold air and bad weather. A graceful crochet made of small squares is crocheted with a border of
Openwork scarf

Openwork scarf

When the cold comes, you have to dress much warmer and remember things like a scarf and hat. Many women of fashion suffer greatly because of this, since it is not always that they can pick up warm accessories that would emphasize their style. But we
Crochet Christmas-tree decoration

Crochet Christmas-tree decoration

You can decorate the Christmas tree with toys made with your own hands. It's easy and simple to do, even if you have never held a hook in your hands before. Enough to carefully read this masterclass on creating a toy - a ball on a Christmas tree. Before you
Crochet crochet snowflakes

Crochet crochet snowflakes

Knitted snowflake will take a worthy place in the New Year's interior of any apartment. It can be hung under a chandelier or on a window, and also used as a Christmas-tree toy. Tie a snowflake under the power of any needlewoman. Even if you first took the hook in
Azi frivolite

Azov frivolity

Frivolity is a special kind of lace. Thin, with many small holes, it is created by hand using a shuttle. Even at first sight it is easy to distinguish from any other weaving. Frivolite is famous for its elegance and diversity
Caps for little ones
124 262

Caps - little animals for kids

To please your baby with a new hat, you will need quite a bit of time and a little patience. And also one skein of primary color and a certain amount of threads that may have remained from your past works.For decoration
Crochet a set - cap and scarf

Crochet set - hats and scarf

I bring to your attention a master class crocheted kit - hats and a scarf. It is quite suitable for winter and cool spring. The set looks original, and a small flower on the cap gives it a certain zest.

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