Laughter through tears: what to do if you accidentally sent your photos in the style of "nude"

Awkward and even stalemate situations happen to everyone and constantly. But only we are responsible for how to react to them that something went wrong, as we intended. This is what Mark Manson, a blogger and author of the unusual book “Subtle art of pofigism: a paradoxical way to live happily”, writes. So it turns out, you should not put a cross on yourself if you accidentally sent naked photos to your boss? Let's figure it out.


The sensors on the smartphone screens are very sensitive, and our fingers are surprisingly clumsy. And because the message sometimes comes not to the one for whom it was intended. Let's say you wanted to send your nude photo to your friend. And randomly sent him to the boss.

There are two scenarios. The first is that you, with an embarrassed look, quit or even pretend to have disappeared. Second, you and the boss will laugh at what happened.It is enough to write: “Boss, in general, I was going to send you a quarterly report, but then I decided that it was much more interesting. Joke. I accidentally confused the addressee. The photo was intended for my therapist. "


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Of course, there is a chance that the boss will not understand the joke. But in any case it will defuse the situation and it will be a much more effective way to hush up the situation than if you tried to quit in disgrace.

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