Household soap from acne

Household soap from acne
Our grandmothers in the old days loved to wash with soap. But what to say, even washed their heads in the baths. But modern girls sometimes disdain to wash this tool and buy expensive creams and foams. What is good about the economic soap? It really can help your skin. And its price is from 5 to 20 rubles per piece, so everyone can buy this tool. Did you know that according to archaeological research, people used household soap as early as 2800 BC? And so, does acryl soap help? Let's figure it out.

How can a miracle remedy help get rid of pimples?

Where does acne and acne come from on our face? Deep in your skin are sebaceous glands that sebum. If their work is disrupted, acne appears. They are a plug of sebum, which closes the flow of air. Stress, oily skin, a large number of sweets, menstruation, all this causes skin disease.
How can a miracle remedy help get rid of pimples?
Laundry soap is able to break down fats and eliminate the plug. Thus, the sebaceous gland begins to work as it should. Note that the tool does not contain sulfates and surfactants. It is made from raw materials of natural origin and does not cause allergies. So wash this soap naturally and safely.

Washing with acne soap

Washing with acne soapImmediately discuss the side effects. After washing, the skin can begin to dry and peel off. You can cope with this problem. After washing it is enough to apply a moisturizer or tonic to the face skin.
Wash your face every morning and evening, rubbing your face thoroughly. But if you have dry and sensitive skin, use the remedy only twice a week. Lather your hands to a thick foam. Apply foam on face and rub on massage lines. Rinse with warm water. After the procedure, rinse with cold water to close the steamed pores.
If there are certain inflamed areas on the skin, rub only soap on them with massage movements, without affecting the entire surface of the skin.
You can make different masks from laundry soap against acne.

  1. Soap grate.
  2. Add warm water to the chips. Stir and bring to foam.
  3. Now take a teaspoon, put foam on it and mix with a spoon of table salt.

Apply the mask on your face evenly for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water. The course lasts about three weeks. Apply this mask should be twice a week.
You can also prepare a mask-peeling. Create a foam from laundry soap, apply it on the skin, and then massage it with a cotton swab with calcium chloride.

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