List of interesting films about writers

The life of writers is always shrouded in a halo of mystery, a veil of secrecy that I want to open to understand how these wonderful creators live. Interest in how they manage to create real masterpieces, narrating about geniuses and villains, continues to this day, and therefore interesting films about writers are always in demand among viewers.

They help to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of creative searches and crisis, life failures and dizzying take-offs, and draw for themselves an amazing inspiration that fills the existence of a special meaning. We offer you to get acquainted with the unconditional masterpieces of world cinematography, telling about the life and work of the geniuses of the pen.

Dead Poets Society

A heartfelt, realistic and kind film about inspiration and how important it is to achieve what you want, despite the opinions of people around you. Thanks to the protagonist, a teacher named John Keating, the viewer is immersed in the secret of the closed Society of Dead Poets, a special club in which the fire of aspiration for his own dream is maintained.

The awakening interest in art - poetry and literature - makes young students think and look at the world with new eyes. After meeting with the new teacher, the guys start trying to change their lives, encountering difficulties and disappointment, but many do not give up the dream and continue to strive for the desired life.

This film is like an amazing, interesting lesson that shows how important it is that a close person be there, supporting even in the most extravagant undertakings.


Feature films about writers have many dramas, comedies, and even detective stories. The presented masterpiece is distinguished by the atmosphere of a thriller with a hint of mystery and a certain doom: surprisingly, the work of a writer can sometimes be a deadly peril. The protagonist - the "ghost of the pen" - a man unknown to the general public, hired to complete literary work - the memoirs of a famous politician.

It would seem that the work is simple, and it is easy to cope with it, but our hero did not even suspect that the new task would be a nightmare for him that would change his whole life.In the film, the atmosphere of the workplace "Ghost" is surprisingly conveyed - a stylish room with huge windows and a view of the raging ocean. However, the autumn dank weather does not give hope for sunny days, and the gray sky outside the window hints at the joyless finale.

On the sidelines

The picture tells of a writer who at the moment is seriously going through a divorce and gives himself up to dreams of the day when his literary work, which has really high value, will be published. In addition, our hero is passionately addicted to wine: it is about this drink in the middle of the film that there is a tremendous dialogue revealing the characters and souls of the interlocutors - this episode is one of the most memorable, and definitely worth it to see it.

Perhaps you, like the characters in the picture, will want to explore the wine and even go on an exciting journey to find your perfect drink. And, probably, this particular adventure will be the key, inspiring to write your own book.


If you decide to watch this movie, you definitely like the chilling horrors! Stanley Kubrick recreated an amazing atmosphere of hopelessness when the main characterthe writer, in the conditions of life in a confined space in a huge, frightening house, gradually goes mad, from which his close people begin to suffer. But it all started with the fact that the family just wanted to spend a snowy winter in peace, retiring to a hotel closed for the winter: the main character was eager to devote all his free time to writing a book, taking his wife and child with him.

However, peaceful pastime eventually turned into a bloody horror and an astounding finale. The picture subtly conveyed an atmosphere of calm and joy, followed by anxiety, and, ultimately, fear and the desire to survive.

Kill your loved ones

The plot tells about the development of beatniks in the period 1950-1960. A new generation of romantics has renounced the previously created prohibitions and restrictions that prevented to create truly sincerely and passionately. It is noteworthy that the main characters have their prototypes - real people who left a mark in the literature - A. Ginzburg, D. Kerouac and W. Burroughs.

This picture tells about the youth and the spirit of rebelliousness, the denial of all norms and rules, about life and death, about despair and joy. Having looked at the picture,you will compose an integral picture of the representatives of American literature of the second half of the 20th century, and you will be able to understand who they really are - romantics trying to change the whole world, or immoral, fallen personalities.

Full eclipse

In this picture young DiCaprio was able to create one of the most unexpected and ambiguous images. The film shows the life of a talented young poet - Arthur Rimbaud, an extraordinary and, at times, outrageous behavior which horrifies and shock people. One of the first admirers of his talent is Paul Verlaine, a poet who has already received the recognition of the French public. In the future, he becomes a loyal companion of Rimbaud, with whom he is associated with bright, full of experiences, relationships that generate amazing, heartfelt lyrics of heroes.


This artistic masterpiece will show viewers the life of a tax inspector named Harold Creek, whose life is filled with monotony and monotony. The automatism inherent in the life of the hero strikes to the horror: Harold always goes to bed and wakes up at the same hour, like a soulless robot, and during tooth brushing automatically considers every movement of the toothbrush.

One day, his life takes a sharp turn, and the hero begins to hear the female voice everywhere, which guides all his actions. The diagnosis of "schizophrenia", made by a psychiatrist, still does not explain very well what is happening with a man: the thing is that one writer created the same character, and now directly affects the fate of Harold.

And since she never leaves invented heroes on the pages of her books alive, the hero needs to find her as soon as possible, because she should not dispose of his fate at her own discretion.

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