Marzipan - what is it? Step-by-step cooking recipes

Outside the window, the XXI century is an age that blurs the boundaries between cities, states and entire continents. Now there are few things that can impress or surprise, except for outlandish sweets. I'll tell you about a delicacy that has recently gained popularity and will figure out what marzipan is, and how to cook it at home.

Marzipan is an elastic paste, which includes powdered sugar and almond flour. The consistency reminds the mixture.

There are several opposite versions of the origin of marzipan. One can say with certainty, its age is estimated in dozens of centuries.

History of origin

The Italian version

According to one of the versions, the Italians first learned about the marzipan. During the drought, high temperatures and beetles destroyed virtually the entire crop. The only food left by a lucky chance was almonds.It was used to make pasta, sweets and bread. That's why in Italy marzipan is called "March bread".

German version

The Germans explain this name in their own way. According to the legend, the employee of the first pharmacy in Europe, named March, came up with the idea of ​​combining sweet syrup and ground almonds. The resulting mixture was named in his honor.

Now the production of marzipan is established in all European countries, but the capital is the German city of Lübeck. On its territory there is a museum, visitors of which can get to know more about marzipans and conduct tasting of more than five hundred species.

In Russia, this product could not get accustomed.

The recipe of marzipan at home

Marzipan Rosettes on the Cake

In the first part of the material, we learned that cookers use sugar and almonds to make home marzipan. The result is a plastic mixture, which is indispensable for the creation of figures, leaves, flowers. The elastic mixture is suitable for making sweets, decorations for cakes, biscuits, desserts, sweets in the form of exotic fruits.

Marzipan can be bought in pastry shops or made independently at home.The latter option suits the mistresses, who like to do everything themselves.

  • Almond - 100 g.
  • Sugar - 150 g.
  • Water - 40 ml.
  1. For cooking I use refined almonds. To remove the shell, I lower it for a minute in boiling water, after spreading on a plate and without much difficulty remove the shell.
  2. That the almond kernels are not darkened, immediately after cleaning I fill them with cool water, spread it into a mold and dry it in the oven a little. At 60 degrees, the ground almonds are dried for 5 minutes. Next, using a coffee grinder, I make flour.
  3. Sugar in a small frying pan with a thickened bottom, add water, bring to a boil and boil. I check the readiness by sampling a soft ball. To do this, I scoop up a drop of syrup with a spoon and immerse it in water. If after cooling the mixture it is possible to roll the ball, then it is ready.
  4. In boiling sugar syrup I inject almond flour and cook for no more than three minutes, stirring constantly. Then the sugar-almond mixture is spread in a bowl, greased with vegetable oil. After cooling, I pass the composition through a meat grinder.

A simple video recipe

According to my recipe, you will prepare a plastic mass suitable for the formation of a variety of ornaments.

If the marzipan crumbles or is too soft

  1. Solve the problem with crumbling during cooking by adding a small amount of chilled boiled water and then kneading the mass.
  2. In the case of an excessively soft marzipan, the addition of powdered sugar will help to make the consistency correct.

The finished product is suitable for decorating Christmas cakes, rolls, cakes and pastries. I recommend keeping it in the refrigerator, after putting it in a cellophane bag. Many bold cooks experiment with the taste of marzipan, adding vanilla essence, lemon juice, cognac, wine to the composition.

How to make marzipan figurines with your own hands

Marzipan figurines

When making cakes, cakes and cookies mistresses use a variety of jewelry and figures from the marzipan mixture.

Figures from marzipan are characterized by a light yellow shade and a pronounced smell of almonds. They are delicious, beautiful, light in cooking with their own hands. Marzipan contains only sugar and almonds, so it is safe to use in children's cooking.

Helpful Tips

  • Remember, home marzipan can not be smeared with your hands for too long, otherwise it will become sticky and unsuitable for use.If this happens, add a lot of powdered sugar.
  • Ready marzipan can be given a certain color with the help of food colorings. In a separate container, I dilute the required dye, then inside the mass I make a small groove and gradually introduce the colorant. To have a uniform color, mix it well.

Video figure making


  • From the marzipan mixture I make figurines of people, flowers and little animals, which I use to decorate baking. If desired, such figures can decorate even pancakes. Often I make berries, vegetables and fruits.
  • For the production of lemon peel marzipans slightly grate. To make a strawberry, I keep it a little bit, after I lightly rub it. I make seeds in strawberries with pieces of nuts, and prepare cuttings from cloves.
  • Vegetables. Marzipanovuyu potato roll in a powder of cocoa and a wand make eyes. To make cabbage from the almond-sugar mass, I paint it green, roll it into layers and collect the construction.

Marzipan figures always have a place on the grand table. They will surprise the guests and decorate the confectionery. Good luck in culinary creativity!

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