Master class: paper pompons

Master class: paper pomponsOne of the most simple, cheap and at the same time spectacular decorations for any holiday are paper pompons. Of course, they can be bought in a store or ordered from a company specializing in organizing celebrations. But do not rush, because these decorative balls can be made by yourself. Besides the fact that it is very simple and easy, it is also fun. So let's get started.

Necessary materials

  1. Thin wrapping paper - corrugated, crepe or tissue - 8-10 sheets, size 500x700 mm
    Tip: The size of the sheet depends on the size of the pom-poms you want to see in the final result.
  2. Decorative wire suitable color
    Necessary materials
  3. Scissors
  4. Thread for hanging balls


Step by step instructions with photos

Step by step instructions with photos
Step one:
Fold all sheets of paper on top of each other. If the paper is large, cut it to the desired size - in half or in several equal parts.
Step two:
Fold the paper in the same folds no more than three centimeters.Folds do tight and, of course, smoothly. Fold until your stock looks like the image below.
Step by step instructions with photos
Step Three
Wrap the center of the workpiece wire and tighten it.
Tip: instead of wire, you can use a regular thread and, of course, a needle. That is, with the help of such simple "helpers" you can simply sew the center of the pom-pom. You can also staple the middle using a stapler with large staples.
Step by step instructions with photos
Step Four
Here you will need your imagination. It is necessary to shape the ends. Using scissors, make them either oval, or triangular, or any other shape. Accuracy does not matter.
Tip: the rounded ends give softness to the pom-pom, the ball with sharp edges resembles a flower-dahlia.
Step by step instructions with photos
Step Five
Separate the folds, gently pulling them out so that you get a kind of "butterfly wings".
Step by step instructions with photos
Step Six
At this stage, you need to show patience and accuracy. Begin to separate the paper layers from each other. First pull the paper towards you. When you see that half of the layers are already open - flip the pompom and do the same with the remaining half.Evenly spread the layers around the entire diameter of the ball.
Tip: To make the pompon fluffy, make sure that the center of the sheets is also completely separated from the wire.
Step by step instructions with photos
Step Seven
Now is the time to tighten the wire to get the desired shape. And - voila! Your beautiful pompon is ready!
Tip: the more and more carefully you separate the “petals” from each other, the better your paper ball will be.
Step by step instructions with photos
Now you know how to make a paper pompon. It remains to find out how to make a mount in order to hang ornaments on the ceiling. We bring to your attention 3 ways of placing pompoms under the ceiling:

  1. You can attach paper balls directly to the ceiling with adhesive tape, ideally with a double tape. This will work provided that the surface of the ceiling is not plaster. It is not recommended to hang pom-poms above the infant's bed in this way, as they can fall and scare the child.
  2. To attach jewelry at a certain distance from the ceiling, you can use special ceiling hooks, but, unfortunately, this will damage your ceiling, so if the room is not specifically designed for celebrations, it is better to avoid this method.
  3. Optimal use of adhesive hooks, which in a large assortment of construction stores offer. Sticky side, they are attached to the ceiling in the necessary places and then pompons are hung on them, as well as any other decorations. At the same time, you can hang the balls at different heights, which will add additional charm to the decorations.

Master class: paper pompons
By the way, you can use this technique for making flowers from multi-colored napkins, which will become a creative decoration of your holiday table.

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