Hipster Haircuts and Styles to Try in 2019


If you’re after a new hairstyle, look no further than the nearest hipster. Hipster haircuts are cool and creative, and perfect for any man who needs a style update. Far from your stock-standard cut or ‘do, hipster hairstyles are on-trend and eye-catching. From bold undercuts to epic man buns, these cuts can take a gent’s style from dull to daring in an instant. Often inspired by sophisticated, vintage and retro looks and mixed with a relaxed yet edgy, modern appeal, hipster haircuts tick all the right boxes.


Men’s Hipster Hairstyles

1. Man Bun with Shaved Sides

This man bun with shaved sides has hipster written all over it. Be sure to add some product when styling to keep hair sleek and smooth.


Man Bun with Shaved Sides


2. Shoulder-Length Strands

These shoulder-length strands create a unique and contemporary hipster hairstyle. Just add a felt fedora to complete your look.


Shoulder Length Strands


3. Disconnected Undercut with Mini Pomp

To create this distinctive hairstyle, combine two top hipster hair trends, the disconnected undercut and the pompadour. When paired together they make a killer look to try.


Disconnected Undercut with Mini Pomp


4. Disconnected Undercut with Skin-Shave

This disconnected undercut with skin-shave takes hipster hairstyles to the extreme. The edgy look is ideal for bold gents who are wanting to stand out.


Disconnected Undercut with Skin-Shave


5. Faded Pompadour

A faded pompadour creates balance by blending the long hairs at the top into the back and sides. This balance also makes it a great style to partner with a full beard.


Faded Pompadour


6. Faded Undercut with Side-Part

For gents looking for a hipster hairstyle that they can also wear to the office, this faded undercut with side-part is an ideal choice. When neatly styled it appears sharp and very respectable.


Faded Undercut with Side-Part


7. Flipped Side-Part

Flipping the top lengths of your hair to one side creates an air of stylish nonchalance. Ensuring your strands stay neatly waved adds the perfect sophisticated touch.


Flipped Side-Part


8. Half Bun

This cool half bun means that gents can have shorter strands and still rock the hipster man bun. Just have your hair cut to the bottom of your neck and create a small bun with the top half of your hair at the back of your head.


Half Bun


9. Long on Top with Shaved Sides

Leaving strands long on top with shaved sides creates an edgy style. While wearing strands combed to one side has a rocker feel, styling them back is decidedly more hipster.


Long on Top with Shaved Sides


10. Long Waves

Long hair is a staple of many hipsters. To channel the look, grow your locks long and wear them in loose, natural waves in between man bun days.


Long Waves


11. Loose Curls

Although loose curls often feel quite bohemian, they can quickly become a hipster style when paired with some facial hair. This gent rocks his curls with a simple moustache.


Loose Curls


12. Low Faded Undercut

While disconnected undercuts create a sharp and bold contrast, faded undercuts, such as this style, are more subtle and gradual. So, if you’re new to the world of hipster haircuts, this may be a good place to start.


Low Faded Undercut


13. Faded Undercut with Mutton Chops

Hipster style embraces the unique and quirky looks that break from the mainstream. While this mutton chop, undercut style may not be for everyone, it can make an awesome choice for confident characters.


Faded Undercut with Mutton Chops


14. Man Bun with Shaved Undercut

If you have long hair, don’t be afraid of getting it cut into an undercut. Wearing the top in a bun will create a contemporary and stylish appearance in seconds.


Man Bun with Shaved Undercut


15. Man Bun

The all-up, high man bun is a classic hipster hairstyle and isn’t going away anytime soon. As soon as you grow your hair long enough, try this style for yourself and reap the stylish rewards.


Man Bun


16. Mid-Length Full-Volume Cut

The best hipster hairstyles are statement-making. While this mid-length, full-volume cut doesn’t have any shaved sections or a bun, it does have plenty of style and impact.


Mid-Length Full-Volume Cut


17. Mid-Length Pushed Back Style

By pushing mid-length strands back with some pomade, you’ll instantly make your hair more defined and trendy. Just be sure to use hands instead of a comb to maintain plenty of movement and texture.


Mid-Length Pushed Back Style


18. Mushroom Undercut

This cool hipster undercut forgoes the heavy styling of traditional slicked-back looks and opts for something more natural instead. The result is a loose, mushroom-shaped style that fans out at the sides.


Mushroom Undercut


19. Pompadour

A classic pompadour embraces the vintage appreciation of hipster styles. Pair it with some retro, round sunglasses for a killer look.




20. Short Slicked-Back Undercut

You don’t have to have long locks to rock a hipster haircut.

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Men’s Hipster Hairstyles
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Watch Men’s Hipster Hairstyles video

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