Microbag - a stylish accessory for every girl

Accessories should not only complement clothing, but also stand out, attract attention. Are you ready to attract your eyes? Then get a stylish microbag! But first find out how to wear it properly.

What is a microbag?

A microbag is a miniature handbag that resembles a housekeeper and is no larger than a small wallet. Its length can be 15 centimeters, and the height is only 10. For the first time such an unusual and bold accessory modern women saw at the legendary Kerry Bradshaw from the TV series and the eponymous film "Sex and the City."

She dreamed of going “lightly” to the man of her dreams, and so after the move she got herself a Fendi micro-bag. This idea was adopted by many designers, and today accessories of “funny” sizes are produced by such famous brands as Hermès, Valentino, Givenchy, Dior and others.

Should I buy a micro-little one?

Should I buy a handbag of such a small size? If you are ready forTo get rid of all unnecessary and even some necessary things that many women are used to taking with them, then feel free to buy such a stylish accessory. But even the phone doesn’t fit into some models, and there is no reason to talk about powder or other objects, and in this case the microscopic handbag will perform exclusively decorative functions.

If you are worried about the fact that the accessory will be inappropriate, then throw away such doubts, because the little bag will fit in almost any image and at any time of the day. You can take it with you on a date or a party, for a walk, an official event and even a job in the office.

How to make a choice?

When choosing a micro bag, pay attention to:

  • Colour. Such a miniature accessory is simply obliged to stand out against the general background, so choose shades that contrast favorably with clothing. A particularly popular bright colors, for example, mint, orange, yellow, mustard, red. But more restrained white and powdery is also in fashion.
  • Design. It can be almost anything, and especially popular are the handbags offered by the best designers, exactly repeating the already available models of standard sizes.But there are other models, for example, laconic leather, having a rigid frame and resembling boxes and boxes, elegant and complemented by embroidery, stones or rhinestones. For special occasions, you should choose an interesting and original version, and for everyday life it will be easier.
  • Dimensions. The smaller they are, the more stylish and fashionable the accessory will look. And if you want to feel free from prejudice, liberated and bright, then pay attention to the smallest micro-bags. Putting in them will not succeed in almost anything, but you will surely attract attention. But there are more practical models in which you can fit a few small things.

How to wear?

It would seem that everyone can wear bags. But not such microscopic sizes. A miniature accessory requires adherence to several rules.

  • First, position it so that it is visible and not lost on the background of clothing. The micro bag is not allowed to be carried under the armpit, like a clutch, it's a mauve ton.
  • Secondly, wear an accessory with pride, and not as if you do not know where to put it, and how to free your hands.
  • Thirdly, consider the design features.So, models with a strap can be worn on the shoulder, and even better over the shoulder, and handbags, complemented by a handle, are worn just for her.

Tip: try using a very unusual way of wearing, fixing a micro bag on a bag of standard sizes, and preferably having an identical design. Such a set will be not only incredibly stylish and original, but also convenient: a large accessory will become the main storage area, and you can put everything you need into a small one that should always be at hand.

How to combine with clothes?

What to wear trend microbag? Surprisingly, it is combined with a variety of clothes:

  1. A stylish tiny handbag will accentuate the mischief of a youth cocktail dress.
  2. Add an evening outfit with this accessory. But it should be elegant and as restrained as possible, and not vulgar and richly decorated.
  3. Microbags are perfectly combined with concise dresses-cases.
  4. Put on your knitted noodle dress. Microsmall refresh image.
  5. Create a playful tandem, wearing a “new look” full-length skirt and top, adding a microscopic accessory to all this.
  6. Experiment with everyday things, such as jeans-boyfriends, jumpers, swiss shots, longswords and so on.

Advice: remember about moderation and do not overload the image, so that the handbag is a stylish accent. Therefore, give up the dresses of complex cut and richly decorated things.

How to pick up other accessories?

The decorative component of the kit will be a bright component of the kit, so the rest of the accessories should fade into the background and not overload the image. To do this, limit yourself to a maximum of two objects, for example, a hat and a thin strap. Secondly, avoid dimensional contrasts and disproportions.

This means that accessories must be small, otherwise a microscopic handbag will simply be lost against their background and go unnoticed, which is simply unacceptable. Thirdly, the selected elements of the image must conform to a single style, so that the set looks harmonious and elegant.

Becoming a happy owner of a microsun, you will definitely be in trend!

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