Mighty and smelly, or Why is it important for men to look after themselves?

Mighty and smelly, or Why is it important for men to look after themselves?

I do not urge all men to become obsessed with their appearance. But you, dear ones, at least take a step forward from the monkey. But then in fact the average Russian peasant can not watch without tears. Work pants with bubbles on his knees and shiny leg, because he wipes his hands on them after dinner. The shirt under his arms yellow stains from sweat. This is if you're lucky for a man in pants and shirt to run.

Basically, we have the same: jeans, once bought with blue, and now gray, and something between a shirt and a sweater. Haircut from economy barbershop, made by a drunken master of the third category, a man about five months ago, so that you can already see that strands ugly grown on the back of your head hang like dirty snot. As an option - a gangster halfbox, if a man saves on economy barbershop and shaves a pumpkin with an electric machine, leaving a bunch of bald marks around the perimeter.

And in addition to the portrait is a small detail: our mighty and smelly is really smelly. At best, it smells sweat. At worst - loves garlic.By the way, our men love garlic. Have you ever tried to go into a small unventilated room after visiting his lover of garlic? Try to enrich your life experience, the main thing is to keep the contents of the stomach inside the body.

Mighty and smelly, or Why is it important for men to look after themselves?

About hairiness, I just keep quiet. Men, if you want a naked woman next to you naked, do something with hair in certain places. Otherwise, even an occasional girlfriend from the “tyndar” will remember you with the words that I have been commemorating for one comrade for many years, who managed to disguise themselves outside and forgotten under clothes.

In general, I changed my mind. I urge all men to go to the new stage of evolution and be called the metro, lumber, controversial, but whatever sexals you like! Because these men are beautiful, they smell nice, and I like to touch them. And everyone likes. And women touch you only out of despair, you can be sure.

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