Jacquard Mitts

Knit knitting Mitts with jacquard pattern. Mitts comfortable and warm, warm your hands in cool time.

Materials and tools:

  1. 50 grams dirty white (empty square on the diagram);
  2. 50g light gray (triangle);
  3. 50 grams gray (slash squared);
  4. 50 grams of charcoal color (circle);
  5. 3 mm and 4 mm straight knitting needles.

Pattern Description

Density of knitting:21 x 28 p. on the needles of size 4 mm = 10 x 10 cm.

Pattern:See diagram.

Size:S / M-L / XL

Knitting description

Right mitt

We collect 40-48 loops on the needles 3 mm with a thread of light gray color. We knit a 10 cm rubber band, 2 p./2 out. Go to the needles 4 mm and knit 1 circle, at the same time adding for the size of S / M 1 loop = 41 loop. We continue according to the scheme. After 2 circles according to the scheme, we put a marker at the beginning of the circle and make a cutout for the thumb as follows:

1 circle: knit without additions;

2 circle: knit without additions;

3 circle: knit up to 1 point in front of the marker, add 1 loop (we introduce new loops into the pattern as we knit);

4 circle: knit 1 n, add 1 loop after 1 loop after the marker and finish the circle.

Repeat circles from 1st to 4th until 6 new loops appear on each side of the marker = 53-60 loops. Knit 2 circles and then put 12 loops for the thumb on the pin. In the next round, we collect 2 new loops over 12 thumb loops = 43-50 loops per circle. We finish in a pattern of about 24 cm. We go over the 3 mm knitting needles and knit 5 circles with a light gray thread with an elastic band and freely close the loops.


Place the 12 loops of the thumb on the needles of 3 mm and pick up 2 new loops over the loops on the pin = 14 loops. We knit 1 row and simultaneously align the number of loops to 12-16 loops. We knit 4 circles with a light gray thread. Freely close the hinges.

Left mitts

We knit as the right, but set the marker for the size L / XL on the 9th loop from the beginning of the circle.

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