Mom of two children dropped 50 kg, not a minute without playing sports

32-year-old woman admitted that she did not do the exercises. None Never.

Before the birth, Teresa was thin and sonorous. She was just lucky by nature. No diet, no training - nothing in her life was not. And then ... no, it was not stolen by aliens, she just got married. Teresa gave birth to a son, and her hormones went crazy.

“After birth, weight grew by leaps and bounds. In addition, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, this aggravated the situation even more. I gained 50 kilograms in a year, ”Teresa admits.

Diets, gym, daily runs - all was wasted. Scales showed some terrible numbers.

“I dumped two kilograms, immediately gained five more. And so in a circle, ”she says.

how to lose weight after giving birth without doing sports
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And then Teresa became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter. After the birth of baby Faith, the arrow on the scales reached the 103 kilo mark.

“There is no diet that I would not try.It’s all for nothing, ”recalls the young mother.

Realizing that there was no other way, Teresa went to the doctor. He offered her a strict ketodiet. According to the doctor, the new diet would help Teresa to lose weight and solve problems with hormones.

Strict is not just scary words. The diet was really quite tough. Practically all carbohydrates were gone from the menu of Theresa. No pasta, no sandwiches - nothing like that. Fatty fish, lean meat, nuts, eggs and avocados became the basis of the diet of a desperate woman to lose weight.

In the first two months, Teresa was reduced by 15 kilograms.

"I was shocked. This is unbelievable - no other diet worked that way. I continued to eat as the doctor ordered, and the weight melted before my eyes. I completely refused to carbohydrates. She preferred foods rich in protein and healthy fats, ”she explains in a conversation with.

In the gym while Teresa did not even look. The only exercises she did were walking with children to school and back, shopping, and homework.

In addition, Teresa refused the idea to eat often, but in small portions. She stuck to an interval fasting system, consuming her entire daily meal in two doses.

“I have breakfast at 11, and next time I eat, for example, at two in the afternoon.And then - post until the next morning. It was hard at first, but I got used to it, ”Teresa says.

The girl admitted: now she feels amazing. In just 10 months, she lost half her weight.

“Now I can easily run along with the children, I no longer feel shy of my own kind, and I have so much energy! I have never felt better, ”she smiles.

By the way, Theresa’s example was followed by her husband. He sits on the ketogenic diet for only three months, and the results are already well visible.

For reference

A ketogenic diet, or ketodiet, is a nutritional system based on an extremely low amount of carbohydrates. When their intake from the outside decreases, the organism passes to an alternative source of fuel. These are our extra pounds - the body begins to extract energy from its own fat reserves.

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