Moschino accused of drug propaganda

If you liked all these bags and phone cases in the form of antidepressants and Vicodin packages, like those that Dr. House did not part with, as well as dresses, t-shirts and swiss shots with prints in the form of "fashionable pills" - hurry to place an order. Around the ironic "pharmacy" collection Moschino scandal inflames and more and more department stores and online stores are removing things from sale. To blame the petition, signed by representatives of the rehabilitation center in Minneapolis, who saw in the capsule ... drug promotion. They considered it unacceptable to joke on such a serious topic and demanded to remove the entire collection from the sale. “There is a growing dependence on narcotic substances in the world, an overdose of pills is the main cause of death in the United States,” they are outraged. - A new collection of Jeremy Scott promotes drugs. It is unacceptable".

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