New couture collection Ulyana Sergeenko: HOT or NOT

Ulyana Sergeenko showed another couture collection at the Fashion Week in Paris, this time - autumn-winter 2016/2017, in which quotes from the dearly beloved designer of the Soviet past are again guessed. Here and the sixties, and the first spacewalk, and the cult of sport, and scientific and technical progress. In the language of fashion, these are Lurex tights, gathered on knees, in which all schoolchildren of the time went, suede briefcases, like those of Soviet professors, drawings like from books on biology on dresses and fur coats, the letter “U”, reminiscent of sportswear, silver makeup on the faces of models, referring to the cosmos. As well as the designer's favorite linen theme - sets with bodysuits, corsets and belts for stockings.

Most of all we remember the headgear in the form of motorcycle helmets, which, especially for the show, made hatter Steven Jones. They, it seems to us, are particularly relevant for summer walks through the dug up streets of the capital. And the musical theme from the movie “I walk across Moscow”, under which the models were defiled, is also very useful here.

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