New fashion trends for shoes spring-summer 2018

Every season designers offer us something new. But sometimes trends repeat the shapes and silhouettes that could be found many years ago. 2018 is no exception. A thought flies through the air: “it has already happened somewhere.” In any case, there are models that we could hardly imagine as a trend in 2017 ...

Open boats

The idea, though not new, but due to its elegance and elegance does not give up their positions. It seems that such shoes are not easy to keep on foot. But the real fashionistas and not so under. Moreover, designers promise comfortable pads.

The combination of a thick heel with a sharp nose

Such a model is often represented with a jumper. And if you thoroughly delve into the memory, you can recall the silhouette, which was very popular at the beginning of zero. Modern models play even more on the contrast, offering a very high massive heel and extremely narrow noses. The bold silhouette is compensated by the restrained texture of the suede.

Stud and Pointed Toe

Everything is almost like in the dashing 90s: everything is also a paste. Only the height of the heel is even greater, and the nose is even sharper. And this design is complemented by bright colors and textures. True, in 2018 we are offered to wear such shoes not with leggings or tights with lycra, but in combination with democratic denim.

Open ankle boots

A design that blends shoes and sandals together. This time we are offered to wear models with a figured thick heel. From materials popular suede.

Platform rock

Comfortable and sustainable alternative to heels. For a time, it was in the shadows, supplanted by more massive models. In 2018 she is again in trend.

Flat Shoes

For those who prefer comfort in the first place, there are also suggestions. Sports style is combined with elements of luxury design.

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