Currently, the overhaul of an apartment in Moscow can not afford all. High prices for building and finishing materials, the problem of choosing whom to entrust their homes, lack of time, which requires serious repairs - all this makes the Muscovites postpone it time after time.

When repairing a turnkey apartment in Moscow, as in other cities, an apartment often changes beyond recognition. This repair is not limited to new wallpaper or curtains - as a rule, everything changes, up to a complete redevelopment of the apartment. By the way, any reconstruction of the apartment requires coordination with the relevant state authorities, and the more serious the planned changes, the more effort will be required to obtain the necessary permission.

When performing such a complex and time-consuming repair, as a rule, the walls and floors are leveled (new apartments require similar work no less than old ones), wiring, plumbing, pipes, windows, heating and ventilation systems are being replaced.Of course, for the high-quality implementation of such works, highly skilled masters are required - saving on professional workers can ultimately overpay, correcting their mistakes.

The initial estimate of such a serious project is more likely to coincide with the real costs, if the repair is carried out in a new building, whereas in old houses during the execution of works, previously invisible defects, originally built during construction or caused by time, can be detected. In addition, in the overhaul of secondary housing located in the historic center of the city, there may be additional difficulties associated with the coordination of redevelopment. However, new apartments can hide a lot of unforeseen difficulties associated with the low quality of modern construction. There are situations when repair can actually become the completion of an apartment, even without redevelopment work.

However, despite all the difficulties that Muscovites lurk in when preparing and carrying out a turnkey apartment renovation, you shouldn’t indefinitely postpone this event.After all, less money and nerves will go away if you carefully plan everything in advance and not bring your home up to serious problems with communications that may also affect neighboring apartments.

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