Soft cover for notepad

The most necessary thing in our time, which is always with us, is a notebook. Write something down, remember something, find some note, for this we always need a diary or notebook. A wide range of notebooks can, of course, be found in any office supply store; there you can find them in any format, color and texture. You can pick up both in a strict cover, and in some fun and colorful. There are many options and the choice in the store is rich, but you can make your notebook and something special, so you can find a solution in this yourself. You can either take a simple block and make the cover on it what you want, or convert the usual standard notebook into a beautiful handmade notebook. It is now that we will independently learn how to make a paperback for a notebook using the scrapbooking technique. In it you can choose absolutely any picture, fabric and decor and do everything to your taste.The process of making the cover is quite interesting and therefore we will not hesitate for a long time and begin now. To create the cover, we need to take: • 100% cotton fabric beige-gray with white polka dots, 20 * 25 cm; • Block for A6 format notebook with fly-leaves; • Two blanks of bookbinding cardboard 10 * 15 cm; • Leaf sintepon; • Picture with owls; • • Gray cardboard; • • Stamp acrylic "Notepad", black ink; • White cotton lace and brown; • Brads epoxy beige with polka dots in a metal frame, round shape; Narrow beige ribbon width of 3 mm; • Metal pendant Eiffel Tower in bronze color; • Office clips; • Office glue and Moment Crystal glue; • • Double-sided tape; • • Scissors , ruler with a pencil; • PVA glue; • Bandage; • Glue gun.
 Paperback for notebook
Binding cardboard blanks times erom 10 * 15 cm, put them side by side at a distance of 1.5 cm apart. Cut gray cardboard length of 15 cm, and a width of 3.5 cm.We divide in width into three parts 1 cm, 1.5 cm and 1 cm, we draw lines for the ruler, we draw lines with scissors. cardboard
Both sides , which are smeared with 1 cm of PVA glue on 1 cm and thus glue the binder blank from cardboard to each other. We smoothly smooth and again we spend with scissors of a line creasing, that the workpiece was well closed. Synthepone cut off exactly on this resulting blank in an open form. We glue pieces of double-sided tape and glue the synthetic winterizer to the binding cardboard so as not to move.

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