Parent meeting in kindergarten

Parent meeting in kindergartenThe kindergarten teacher, on the duty of his profession, communicates with the children and their parents every day, takes an active part in the upbringing and development of the younger generation. In order to make the best possible contact with each individual family, to tell adults how their child is developing, the teacher must periodically hold parental meetings in kindergarten.

Holding event

So that the meeting was fruitful, it is necessary to plan everything in advance. Let's take a closer look at how to build this process:

  1. So that as many parents as possible can come to the meeting, they must be warned in advance, preferably 2 weeks before the appointed date. Say about the event can be both in verbal form and in writing. Be sure to immediately identify the exact time of the meeting.
  2. If there are 2 tutors in the group, they should prepare together for the meeting, draw up a plan and agree on all the nuances.
  3. In the event that the topics related to the whole kindergarten will be raised at the meeting, it is necessary to invite the head of the institution and the senior teacher for discussion.
  4. At the beginning of the event, you can talk about the successes and achievements of kids, about newly acquired knowledge and skills. Make an emphasis on important points, give parents advice on the activities that need to be done at home. It is important to know that in no case can children be blamed, and if there are any negative points, they should be discussed only in private with the parent.Parent meeting in kindergarten
  5. At the next stage, you can discuss general issues, for example, the improvement or repair of a kindergarten. This should be done in the presence of a manager or other representative of the administration.
  6. Together with the chairman of the parent committee should pay attention to household and business aspects, to solve financial issues.
  7. If the meeting occurs on the eve of a holiday, you can talk about preparing for the celebration, identify those responsible for its organization and conduct.


How to make the collection interesting

Each educator should be prepared for the fact that some parents do not want to attend such events for various reasons.Some of them do not consider such a meeting a serious reason to distract from everyday worries, someone thinks that this meeting is another reason to raise money for various needs. It is possible to interest parents and awaken activity in them. The following tips will help to make the collection interesting and informative:

  1. Think about the topic of the future meeting and conduct a questionnaire among parents to find out how they relate to the chosen topic.Parent meeting in kindergarten
  2. Invite adults to a meeting with beautiful flyers. You can make them yourself with the children.
  3. Take a survey among the kids on a given topic. Their answers can be recorded on the recorder, and during the meeting listen to the recording with adults.
  4. Prepare psychological training. Believe me, even those parents who feel as if they know their child thoroughly will be surprised at the new sides of his personality.
  5. Spend an interesting workshop. Teach adults how to calmly and without shouting to convince the child not to commit prohibited activities.
  6. If the meeting is held at an earlier time, you can come up with some exciting activities in which children will participate along with their parents. This will benefit both the younger and older generation.Parent meeting in kindergarten

The teacher in kindergarten is directly involved in the upbringing and development of each child entrusted to him. A good educator should be aware of the degree of responsibility assigned to him and be able to establish contact not only with the kids, but also with their parents.

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