Paris is the perfect place to meet on February 14

Valentine's Day is a special holiday for those in whose heart love lives. And in spite of the fact that it is not only a holiday to exercise and “warm up” feelings, this winter day has long become a symbol of passionate confessions and romantic acts.

And there is nothing strange in the fact that many girls, and even men, dream of saying the most important words, standing on top of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is one of the most visited cities at this time. And those who call it banal, most likely, have never met the holiday of lovers in the capital of France.

See Paris and ... fall in love!

Arriving here in February, you will inhale a special air, saturated with love, romance and winter comfort. Paris is a special place where you can stand for hours on observation platforms, admiring the city, enjoy the bright lights and colors of shops and flower shops, have the freshest pastries for breakfast and dream.

But since you decided to bring your soul mate to this city, it’s not a big deal to learn about those placeswhere you can stroll slowly, enjoying each other's company. What is worth seeing first?

  1. Wall of love. This place in Montmartre attracts hundreds and thousands of couples in love. To be alone here will not work, but to touch the wall, on which the cherished "I love you" is carved in all languages ​​of the world, you need to.
  2. Galerie Vivienne. This is one of the oldest passages in the city, where you can not only buy cute souvenirs, but also sit in a cozy cafe or taste real French wine in a wine bar.
  3. Pont des Arts Bridge. On February 14, this place is crowded, but you may be able to squeeze through the crowd in order to attach your “love lock” to a huge number of existing ones.

Romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner

Whatever strength and energy love gives you, it is still necessary to eat. It is doubly pleasant if it is a nice feast for two in a cozy restaurant or cafe.

  1. Mystery Cuisine. Find it will not be difficult, because it is located next to the Louvre on the street Monpasier. This place is original in everything - an interior that resembles a theater scene and luxurious boudoirs at the same time, and a kitchen that will surely surprise you.Red color, heavy curtains, small tables, niches, all this will create a wonderful intimate atmosphere on Valentine's Day.
  2. Café de l'Home. One of its main advantages is a view of the Eiffel Tower. The art deco style is brightly underlined by pompous columns, high ceilings and original decoration. For a full lunch or dinner, you will have to pay about 100 euros. But even this money is miserable compared to the kind that you will enjoy with your soulmate.
  3. Deux etangs. The restaurant, which will be a great place for privacy, away from the bustle of the city. It resembles a cottage surrounded by nature. Deux etangs is famous primarily for traditional French cuisine. Polite waiters will recommend to try the original foie gras, seafood and all kinds of desserts.

And do not forget to look at at least one pastry shop. We are sure that French pastries, desserts and ice cream, which are real confectionery masterpieces, will bring you real gastronomic pleasure.

Where to stay?

If you plan to meet Valentine's Day in Paris, then you should take into account all the moments to make your vacation truly unforgettable.And the hotel in this list is not the last place.

  1. Hotel Residence Foch. Budget option, not without comfort. Attentive staff, cozy rooms or spacious apartments, all from 85 to 200 euros per night.
  2. Hotel Fabric. A place of rest for those who want something unusual. Once in this building was a textile factory, its features were preserved in the design of rooms. Avant-garde style gives a special charm and romance.
  3. Hotel d’Aubusson. This hotel will appeal to lovers of retro. Antique furniture, stone decoration, canopy beds are ready to welcome lovers at any time of the year.

And if you stay?

What else can you see in the capital of France, if you have enough time?

  1. Moulin rouge. Those who do not mind to have fun, and plunge into the world of mischievous cabaret, it is worth to visit the Moulin Rouge. Built back in 1889, it still gathers crowds of spectators.
  2. Latin Quarter. An interesting place for young couples. There is always a spirit of diversity: Brazilian cafes are called cheerful samba, Italian cafes offer real pizza, and those who want a snack in a quick way will definitely enjoy the taste of kebabs, sold almost at every corner.
  3. Notre Dame de Paris. Legendary Notre Dame Cathedral, where you can admire the decoration that has been preserved from the 18th century.

Spending Valentine's Day in Paris is a dream for almost every girl, and if you get such a chance, be sure to take full advantage of it, enjoying the real romantic atmosphere of France.

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