Paris Jackson left in the middle of the show Dior

The daughter of Michael Jackson declared war on the fashion world, not otherwise. In any case, she now has a tense relationship with the fashion house Dior, because right in the middle of the show of the Resort 2019 cruise collection, the 20-year-old girl got up and left with the most upset feelings. As it turned out, Paris, an animal rights defender and a vegetarian, did not like the way the organizers treated the horses that participated in the show.

“They were hit in the eyes by a bright light, and loud music was playing, and this angered and upset Paris, who loves horses very much. In addition, she was offended that the riders used a whip to make the horses ride straight, despite the rain. Although they were real Mexican rodeo riders, they would never hurt their darlings! In any case, Paris has not found a better solution, except to leave the show. She did it not out of disrespect for the brand, but for the sake of her own principles, ”said the source.

Publication from Paris-Michael K. Jackalope (@parisjackson)25 May 2018 at 4:47 pdt

Publication from Dior Official (@dior)May 28, 2018 at 3:00 PDT

Hmmm, awkwardly happened ... It’s worth addingthat the behavior of Paris Jackson was not the only unpleasant surprise for the organizers and guests: the show, which was held in the open air in the stables of the Chantilly manor near Paris, had to be detained for an hour - and all because of the bad weather in the form of pouring rain and wind. Brrr! Those models during the show very eloquently talk about the pleasure that they had to endure (that's who had worse horses). Paris, as if nothing had happened, took off her heels, climbed over all the fences and retired to look at her with puzzled looks, and later even published a picture where she was standing right in the puddle and enjoying the rain. “I left early, but I do not regret at all. But I caught this moment, "she signed. Yeah, it is unlikely that she will be invited to become an ambassador of the brand!

Publication from Paris-Michael K.

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