Pepper tincture for hair

Pepper tincture for hairThe attractiveness of each person depends on his hair. Bad hair makes a person less attractive, even if he has perfect facial features, beautiful eyes and a beautiful figure.


Perhaps the most unpleasant is hair loss. Hair can fall out for various reasons. For example, as follows:


  • constant stress;
  • bad ecology;
  • characteristics of the body;
  • diseases;
  • bad habits.


Of course, with hair loss you need to somehow fight. One of the most effective and proven tools is pepper tincture for hair.


Why pepper tincture is good for hair


Tincture of pepper for hair growth is as follows. Alcohol and hot pepper, from which it consists, warm up the scalp. This effect promotes a rush of blood to the hair roots, making the hair get nutrients in larger quantities. This contributes to:


  • reduce hair loss;
  • increased growth (up to 4 cm per month);
  • strength and volume.


Some even claim that people using this tool turn gray much later than others.


Of course, tincture of red pepper for hair needs to be applied not one, but with various additives. As additives, you can use chicken yolks, milk, cosmetic oils and even ordinary water. Do not use pepper vodka without additives (in its pure form), it will burn the delicate scalp!


Where to get pepper tincture


Tincture of pepper against hair loss can be purchased at the pharmacy or cooked yourself. Buying tincture in the pharmacy, there is a risk to purchase a fake. And to buy pepper tincture, which is sold as an alcoholic beverage, should not be bought at all, since it has a different composition and may contain unnecessary components. Tincture of pepper from hair loss, in which quality you will not hesitate, it is best to cook yourself.


Pepper tincture at home


To prepare the simplest tincture you will need only a glass of vodka (100 grams) and one pod of red pepper, preferably a larger one. It is necessary to chop the pepper well, pour it with vodka and insist more than two weeks in a dark place. After that, your chilli pepper tincture is ready.


Pepper tincture for hair


Of course, you can make more tinctures.And instead of vodka, you can use medical alcohol, then you need to insist no more than a week. Pepper tincture sometimes needs to be shaken while infusing. As you can see, it's very easy to prepare this wonderful remedy yourself, and in its quality you will not doubt.


How to use pepper tincture


As already mentioned, you can not use the pepper vodka in its pure form, it can damage the scalp. Apply this tool over the entire length of the hair ineffective. The most effective way is to use masks, which include bitter pepper tincture for hair. This mask should act directly on the scalp, so that more nutrients will flow to the bases of the hair.


The mask may include dairy products, honey and vegetable oils. Also in the mask must include hair balm. All three components that make up the mask are mixed in equal quantities. If the hair is greasy, you can add a little more pepper vodka to the mask.


The mixture must be vigorously rubbed into the scalp. It is better to carry out this procedure before washing the head.After applying the mask, you must wear a shower cap and wrap a towel over it. Withstand the mask need about an hour, but can be less. Apply the composition is better not more than three times a week. Hair treatment with tincture of red pepper usually does not exceed three months.


During the application and rinsing of the mask should not allow contact with the eyes. It is best to apply it in medical gloves to protect the skin of the fingers from burning.


It is necessary to wash off the composition in such a way that it does not get into the eyes and on the skin.


Strengthening hair tincture of red pepper will give the result after a few treatments. You will notice that your hair has become more healthy.

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