Permanent desire for sex

Good evening!

A very large part of my daily thoughts are occupied by thoughts about intimacy and everything connected with it. I work, read, him, listen to music - I often switch to thoughts about sex. Sometimes it seems that it occupies a central place in my head. I'm ready to engage in sex every day. My girlfriend wants to be far from everyday (2-3 times a week). She is not averse to me masturbating in those days when she does not want, and I want. She (28 years old), judging by the test, is average, and I have a rather strong constitution (man, 31 years old).

The thought began to bother me - maybe I'm too concentrated on intimacy? How to curb your desire? Sometimes I feel like an “animal” that cannot control my thoughts and aspirations.

Thank you.


You need to find a girl who also wants it all the time. Because sooner or later, or your girlfriend, who you now have or will get bored of you.

Where are you from? Here I would have such a guy ...

a guest15.12.17 12:40

So this is good! On the contrary, I am suffering, because in my sex nothing is stuck because of problems with potency. Without cialis another pathogen can not normally make love.And you need to rejoice, and not complexes about this.

a guest16.01.18 21:37

I understand you. I also have a constant craving sex. Wife does not give as often as you want. Therefore it is necessary to resort to the services of prostitutes. Hiring girls here

So it is normal that every 15 minutes you think about sex and does not mean that you are a lustful animal, a healthy male body is so constituted)).

and who says it's bad?)

This is normal) we are all like that ..

Yes, it should be) is good because.

I think this is not quite normal ...

It's great when there is where and with whom)

Good evening! What can I say, you are an animal. So, you need another animal as partners, namely, hach.

you are angry woman

Usually a strong desire for sex during ovulation. I have so. Then subsides.

a guest14.05.18 11:52

If only one normal advice was given, they generally write on the Internet to sit on the cold floor and others remind that the monks pricked needles to bring down the desire, if you peasants, you can listen to you so much better *** than to cut off that you have such cold man-like tfu

Maybe you first need to direct this energy to another direction? For example, how to earn more money and please your girlfriend with gifts)

a guest13.07.18 12:42

It is quite normal that a man constantly thinks about sex. This is the nature of nature, you need to continue your race, and therefore such an active desire. Why can't your girlfriend masturbate you when she doesn't want to have sex? Try to lure her somehow. Maybe look at porn together. I recently found Uzbek porn, so exciting, my girlfriend liked it. Excites incredible, and sex later Pts cool.

Work professionally)))

Yes, most likely you are too concentrated. Find something to your liking and put all your energy in there. Partner change is meaningless only because of this.

To be honest, it seems to me that if you don’t find a compromise with your girlfriend, then it’s better to end this relationship. Let's be honest, sex takes a very leading step in our life. And if such a serious disagreement, the relationship will be painful. Try to talk heart to heart, understand each other. As I understand it, you do not change it? So you have nothing to be ashamed or ashamed of. Just you are different.

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