Plums for the winter - 7 best recipes

Many housewives, having collected a rich and generous harvest, begin to think and look for useful information on how to procure plums for the winter. From the beautiful plums you can prepare a huge number of blanks, we will focus on the most popular, easy and simple recipes that any housewife can cook.


1. Dry (vyalim) plum

How to dry plums? Unique prunes in the kitchen is always useful. Dried plums contain many vitamins, various trace elements, there are antioxidants. Contained in the composition of useful substances prevent the growth of bacteria that cause caries. Such a useful fruit must be prepared for the winter.

To drain properly and well dried, select only the most ripe fruits that fall from the tree or are ready to fall. Not all varieties are successful for drying, the most suitable is Hungarian and plum with a high content of sucrose, pectin in the composition. An important condition for obtaining a good prune is the presence of dense pulp, a well-removed bone when pressed, the content of pectin and sugar in high quantities.

Healthy plums are selected, bones are removed, then the fruit must be blanched for 1-2 minutes in boiling water, then dipped in cold water and taken out, letting it dry for a while, remove excess liquid with napkins. To prunes turned out shiny and dark, plums are soaked in honey syrup (two parts of boiling water are taken for one part of honey) for 3-5 minutes.


Dry can be done outdoors, in the sun or use a special dryer, gas or electric oven. To dry in the sun, cream spread on a tray or baking tray in one layer, occasionally turning over. Stay in the sunlight is 4-5 days, at night you need to bring into the room so that the fruit is not damp. After the dew has dried, again put on the street. After a specified time, prunes should be removed in the shade for drying for several days (usually 3-4).

When prunes are ready, when pressed, no liquid should be released, it should be elastic, not crumble in hands. Ready-made dried fruits are usually added to meat dishes, used for baking, making various desserts or spicing salads.

2. Freeze the fruit correctly

You can freeze the plum in order to enjoy the natural taste in winter or cook compote according to the recipe, add a delicious dessert, bake a cake, etc. For freezing use dense varieties, with a large percentage of sugar content and thick skinned, where the internal seed is easily separated. Hungarian and Kuban legend showed qualities in freezing just great, after thawing, they retained the natural taste and form.

Selected cream is thoroughly washed, but not perederzhivayut in water, then dried and removed the bones, cut into two parts. Also freeze whole if necessary for culinary affairs during the winter. Plum is packed in plastic bags or containers in one layer, sent to the freezer.


After an hour or two they check, if the plums are grabbed and hardened, they are removed for a long freeze, they put all the plums in bags, containers made of plastic. If you place all the available plums immediately in a bag and freeze, in the winter it will be difficult to extract fruits, so the fruits will be easily separated from each other. The storage temperature of the drain in the freezer is -16 ° ... -18 ° C, in such conditions the product is stored for up to six months.

3. Cooking plum juice

The recipe for making juice is very light, it will not bring any trouble to novice chefs. In the plum juice all useful elements are retained, including insoluble pectin. To make juice from plums, take 2 kg of fresh fruits, 0.4-0.5 liters of filtered clear water and 100 grams of granulated sugar.


They take only ripe and overripe plums, which need to be washed and removed the bones. Put the plum in the pan, add water, heat it to +75 ° ... + 80 ° С. Remove from heat, let stand a little to soften the plums, then rub the fruit through a sieve or use a juicer.

In the resulting thick consistency, pour some water from the pan in which the fruit was, add granulated sugar and put it on the stove again. We are waiting for the juice to reach a temperature of +85 ° C and pour it into pre-prepared containers (cans, glass bottles), roll it up. To adjust the saturation of the juice, reduce or increase the amount of water at your discretion, so achieve the desired consistency and sweetness.

4. Make a delicious pastille of plum and sweet marmalade

For the preparation of plum pastilles, you will need 1 kg of freshly picked fruit and some vegetable oil.First boiled liquid puree, by analogy with the recipe for making juice from plums, then it is spread in a pan (not only in aluminum) and boiled down to half the volume.


The mass of plums is cooled, laid out on trays, trays, etc., beforehand laid the bottom of the form with parchment, oiled. The mass layer should not be more than 2 cm. The plum mass packaged in forms is sent to the oven with a temperature inside +80 ° ... + 90 ° C. When cooking pastila, the slightly open door of the oven is an important point, otherwise the product at the exit will be simply baked. Approximate prescription cooking time pastila in the oven for 3-4 hours.

When the mash is sufficiently compacted and stops sticking to the fingers, the marsh of plums is ready. The finished candy is taken out of the oven, cut into wide strips (together with parchment), put in glass jars and put into the refrigerator for storage.

For the manufacture of marmalade from plums you need 1 kg of plum puree and 500-600 grams of sugar. It is better to cook in a saucepan with a thick bottom, which is mashed, put on a small fire and stir constantly until the mass ceases to stick to the bottom.By this time, in the process of cooking, the volume will decrease by half.


Be sure to try the resulting mass until the consistency of the chewing candy is reached. If the mash is still rather sticky and is easily eaten, boil until the desired viscosity is obtained.

In prepared containers lined with parchment, distribute marmalade from plums with a layer of not more than 2 cm, leave to cool, dry in a dry room for a couple of days. After 2-3 days, the marmalade will be easily separated from the parchment paper, cut into slices, dip in sugar. Keep homemade marmalade from plums need in a closed dry container.

5. Marinated plum - add spice to your dishes

Not every housewife found pickled plums in the kitchen, this product is not so popular, but in vain. The plum in the marinade will not only decorate dishes for the festive table, but also give an unusual taste to meat or side dishes.

The recipe will require 5 kg of plums, 1.5 kg of granulated sugar, 250 ml of vinegar, 20 grams of bay leaf, 10 grams of cloves. Ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon or allspice can be used in the recipe as desired.


Plums are placed in a container in small layers, sprinkling each of them with spices.The marinade is prepared separately - 250 ml of vinegar is taken, a specified amount of granulated sugar (do not be afraid of the thick consistency), mixed, put on the flame and languish until the ingredients are completely dissolved and a homogeneous composition is obtained. The resulting hot, almost boiling syrup is poured onto the plums. Fully plums can not be covered, the plum juice after some time will fill the voids, so do not worry. Leave to cool for a day.

After 24 hours, the plums are carefully separated from the marinade and the procedure is repeated. During the next three days put on the stove, bring to a boil, then again poured and left to cool. Drain and boil the marinade preferably twice a day (morning and evening), but it is allowed by prescription and one.

After five days, the fruits are laid out in pre-prepared clean jars (necessarily sterilized), add spices and pour boiling marinade to the very edge of the cans, corked or rolled. Marinated plums not only diversify the festive table, but also will be a tasty treat for guests.

6. Cook jam and jam for the whole family.

Tasty jam plums will not only be a great treat for tea in the frostywinter evening, but also serves as an excellent filling for various pastry delights, especially in combination with apples, chocolate, lemon. Harvesting plums, be sure to make a couple of jars of jam! There are a lot of jam recipes, we will stop at an unusual version, very fragrant and unsurpassed to taste, a delicacy will surely appeal to children and adults.


To make jam from plums in chocolate, according to the recipe, take 2 kg of washed fresh plums, 1 kg of granulated sugar, 40-45 g of cocoa powder and 40 g of vanilla sugar. Plum with dense flesh is cut into two parts, the seed is extracted, 0.5 kg of sugar is poured, carefully mixed, trying not to crush, leave for 24 hours in a cool room for juice.

After a day, add the remaining sugar, pour the vanilla and cocoa powder and put on low heat. Gently movements plum mixed and boiled 50-60 minutes. For each variety of plums, the cooking time may differ, and the ripeness of the fruit affects the duration of the process - the more ripe, the faster it will cook. As soon as the jam from the plums is ready, put the product in jars and roll up.

Plum jam is prepared using a different technology and differs from the jam texture, which has a jelly-like structure. For the recipe, you will need 1 kg of plums, 1 kg of sugar, 2.5 g of citric acid, 125 ml of purified drinking water. The bones from the plums are removed, cut into 4 parts, put into an enamel saucepan, pour boiling water. Then stirring constantly, boil for 20 minutes over a rather low heat.

After starting to add sugar in small portions and cook another 35-40 minutes, removing the foam that is formed. At the end of the boil, pour in the lemongrass, let it boil for one minute and pour into jars to spin. Jam will differ not only in taste, but also in the beautiful iridescent color.

7. Unusual plum wine - a luxury drink to the table

For plum wine according to the recipe, they take 10 kg of seedless plums, 4.7 kg of granulated sugar and 1 liter of filtered water. The prepared fruits cut into 2 parts are put in a glass jar (bottle), pour water, sugar and leave in a warm room for 3-4 days, without forgetting to cover the neck with gauze.


When the fermentation process begins, a water seal is installed on the bottle or a medical glove is put on in the old fashioned way, having made one or two punctures in the fingers, left to ferment for 25-30 days.

After a month, filter the wort carefully. The pulp must be thoroughly squeezed, the wort must be filtered using a fine sieve several times. Now the wine is poured into a clean container (preferably from glass), clogged and put in a dark cool room for further infusion. You can taste a delicious plum wine in 2-3 months.

The more wine stands, the tastier and richer it will be. Plum wine has an incredible aroma and pleasant taste, be sure to try to cook with a prescription, you can not buy it in a store! Yes, and from wine from other fruits and berries, plum stands out markedly.

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