Pollock fillets with onions and sour cream

Ingredients required for cooking fish: - 1 fish fillet; - 3 teaspoons of sour cream; - 5 milliliters of sunflower oil; - 4 pinches of black pepper;
- 3 pinches of salt; - 2 leaves of lettuce; - 2 onions of onion. Phased cooking: 1. Frozen pollock fillet get out of the refrigerator. I do not completely defrost the fish, because the ice-cream pollock frozen is baked better, because during the baking the fillets will melt, thus giving the fish juiciness and softness.
Frozen Alaska pollock fillets

2. We cut the fillet into 2 parts (it will be more convenient to bake it).
 Cut the fillet
3. On a dry frying pan lay out the fish cut into pieces. Pieces in the frying pan should be slightly thinned.
 lay the fillet on the pan
4. As soon as the fish is completely defrosted, pour some sunflower oil into the pan and fry on all sides. 5.Then you need to salt a little, add spices and pepper.
 add spices and pepper
pepper the fish
6. While the fish fillet is cooked, cleaned and cut into thin rings onions.  clean and chop the bow
7. We put the onion rings on the fish and bake them to a golden hue.
 bake until golden brown
8. Turning off the fire and covered the pan with a lid, you need to give the fillet a little stand. Then lay the fish fillets on the dish, grease it with sour cream and decorate the washed and finely chopped lettuce leaves.  lay the pollock fillets on the dish
Alaska pollock fillets with onions and sour cream
Fish fillets are very soft, juicy and tasty.

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