Pregnancy after 35: why give birth to a grandson

Our author shared her experience with Woman’s Day, what it is like to get the “old-bearing” signature on the cover of the medical record.

Gynecologists of the old school for 30 patients, who have not yet experienced the joys of motherhood, are referred to as “out of sight, from the LCD to the center of family planning out”. In a sense, they immediately predict a bunch of health problems, and with the very possibility of getting pregnant. And if the old primiflower came to the reception, then they even rolled their eyes and pointedly pulled, they say, you know ... They talk as if you have only nine and a half months left to live, and they have to draw up a lot of pieces of paper after your inevitable demise. Extra troubles, in general. Distract these mothers.

You can come to any office where you hear the same thing: “You are already 35!” Exactly, with a cry, as if age is a disease in itself, and a terrible one. On the Internet, excitedly discussing on forums that the risks of having a baby with a bunch of problems from “old mothers” are much higher than those of a young parent. Smoke without fire? We will understand why it is scary to give birth after 35.

late childbirth, personal experience
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"I will have a sick child"

Most women scare various genetic diseases in future babies. Indeed, with age, the risk of, for example, Down syndrome increases. If the base risk for young mothers is one case per several thousand, then with age it increases to one case per hundred pregnancies. But the features of modern diagnostics make it possible to identify the syndrome in the first months of an interesting situation and make a decision based on the results. Also do not forget that women after 35 give birth much less frequently than in the group of 18+. Therefore, statistics in this case are just numbers.

But by the age of 35, a woman takes more care of her health. He is attentive to the recommendations of the doctors and chooses a doctor and clinic for screenings much more carefully than the young future mom. And more opportunities and experience. Are you still afraid? Unfortunately, unhealthy children are born in women, regardless of their age, marital status, social status, hair and eye color.

"I can not find a common language with the child"

It is believed that when the difference between the ages of 18–20 years between mother and baby is easier for them to find a common language.More often, young parents are called elder sisters, they say, with her and in the club, you can boast to your friends and friends. Another thing, if between you and your child is 35−40 years. The fashion has changed, you are afraid that you will not be able to “catch the chip”. Yes, and break into the club is unlikely to go, because by this time you will be over fifty. But almost every day you risk to hear, they say, Mom, you do not understand me.

Let us reject reflections on plastic surgery, but believe me, and at 50 you can be young in body and soul. Just do not try to live in the past. Usually, moms after 35 are distinguished by grooming, because you know how to look after yourself, and most importantly, you often have the means to do so. And it is distinguished by the democratic views, because gradually you will adapt to the needs of your growing child.

late childbirth, personal experience
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“I will be considered the grandmother of my own baby”

“And my health is not very. That aching paws, then the tail falls off. " The ball from Prostokvashino hardly suspected that in the 21st century, age would no longer be synonymous with the disease. Doctors claim that the younger generation suffers from a greater number of ailments than children born in the eighties.It is understandable, we did not have gadgets, we walked in the fresh air, played bouncer and hide-and-seek. We didn’t even hear about terrible GMOs, our immunity was based on safe products, and we spent the summer not lying under the TV, but smashing our knees in the blood of our grandmother in the country. Solid use. Believe me, many ladies 35+ can easily pass for graduates if not schools, then certainly an institute. You just need to choose the right outfit and do not forget to take care of yourself.

Are you still afraid that you will be accepted for your grandmother? Sign up for the salon, buy a gym membership and think about the proper nutrition. You will look great and your health will be excellent.

"My social status will go down"

At 20 you only dream about your career, at 35 you already have a job, established habits, favorite restaurants and clothing brands. At 20, going on maternity leave, you have nothing to lose, at 35 you will have to give up many familiar things. It is understandable: there is less money, there isn’t enough for all the Wishlist. In addition, the child will have to spend a considerable amount. There would be maternity to meet.

But at the age of 35 you can at least count on these maternity. Young mummies, as often happens, still do not work or do not have a stable income.And after 35 you already know how to properly dispose of money and are unlikely to start throwing it without a bill on completely unnecessary things for yourself and your baby. You do not buy a dozen identical jumpsuits of that sweet blue color, from which your baby will grow up earlier than in a month. But you choose a mattress for the bed of the correct form, after which you do not have to spend extra money on a massage. You will approach everything rationally, and besides you will be able to go to work at any time, because at least you have it.

late childbirth, personal experience
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"Husband due to the midlife crisis will go to the young"

"Gray hair in a beard, a devil in a rib." Male middle age crisis women are waiting with a sense of hopelessness. You have eaten a pound of salt with him, and after forty he peeks at the young ones. He knows everything about you, but somewhere beyond the threshold of his house a new unknown life awaits him. The appearance of the baby only exacerbates the situation, because a woman devotes more time to the child, and not to her spouse or appearance. Here and before the divorce one small step. And then how to raise the baby alone? Albeit with Sunday dad and stable alimony.

Of course, each family has its own situation.But psychologists believe that late children - the most beloved.

Star moms in age

Monica Bellucci gave birth to her first child at 39 years old.

Naomi Watts is 39 years old.

Susan Sarandon is 39 years old.

Jennifer Lopez is 39 years old.

Nicole Kidman is 40 years old.

Svetlana Permyakova is 40 years old.

Eva Mendez is 40 years old.

Courtney Cox - in 40 years.

Halle Berry first became a mother in 41 years.

Salma Hayek is 41 years old.

Kim Basinger is 41 years old.

Marina Mogilev - in 41 years.

Mariah Carey is 41 years old.

Olga Drozdov is 42 years old.

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