Prince Harry gave Megan Markle a ring with aquamarine

At the wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry, held this Saturday, there were a lot of broken traditions (Megan refused to swear in obedience to Harry), touching moments (Harry kept wiping tears and terribly nervous looking at the bride during the ceremony), amusing situations, (gloomy view of Queen Elizabeth, whom she saw off as a new cousin) ... But, of course, this event could not pass without one important detail: Harry tried very hard to pay tribute to the memory of his mother Princess Diana on a special day for him.

First, in the wedding bouquet of Megan, the flowers for which Harry personally gathered in the courtyard of Kensington Palace, there were forget-me-nots - Diana's favorite flowers. Secondly, the prince insisted that almost all relatives and friends of his mother were present at the wedding, including the former wife of Prince Andrew Sarah Ferguson, whom Elizabeth II, after divorce, deprived all royal privileges.Well, thirdly, Harry followed the lead of his older brother and presented the bride with a large aquamarine ring, which belonged to Diana (this is, of course, not a sapphire diamond cut that Kate Middleton got, but still). She put it on for a gala dinner in Australia in 1996 and for an auction of her own things in 1997, and now the paparazzi have noticed the decoration on Megan’s finger when he and Harry headed for a party at Frogmore House on the occasion of the wedding party.

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