Pros and cons of electric grill

Modern housewives have access to a great variety of different devices that make life easier and simplify the process of cooking. One of them is an electric grill. If you have not yet made the final purchase decision, carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Operating principle and varieties

The principle of operation of electric grills is based on the heating of the surface, which is carried out by working from the electrical grid. For heating, small but powerful miniature heating elements are used that maintain a temperature of about 650-700 degrees, or quartz lamps that warm up to 1000 degrees.

The working surface and other elements can be made of stainless steel or ceramics, some parts are complemented with a non-stick coating. Modern models of electric grills are multifunctional and able to perform the functions of other kitchen appliances, for example, barbeque, steamer or microwave oven.

According to the principle of heat treatment of products, the following types of electric grills are distinguished:

  1. Contact. Products are placed on a heated surface and are prepared on it. Similar models are divided into two subgroups: closed and open. In the first case, the housing is closed, which allows you to handle cooking food from both sides at once. Also contact grills are divided into one-, two-sided and combined, in which two surfaces can be connected and transformed into one.
  2. Contactless grills differ from contact grills in terms of their design and cooking features. The products do not come into contact with the working surface, but sit on a spit or skewers and spin, blown out by hot air. With this method of heat treatment, carcinogenic substances are practically not released, and all dishes are juicy and preserve the maximum of useful substances. Contactless models are skewer, planetary, carousel and vertical.

Depending on the design, electric grills are divided into compact desktop, more spacious floor and recessed.


First, consider all the advantages of electric grill:

  • The possibility of using the device for heating dishes or defrosting products, stewing, roasting.
  • Closed-type devices can be used in an apartment or a private house, since the spread of smells is minimal and limited by the hull.
  • Roomy models allow you to cook at the same time significant amounts of products for a short time. So, in just an hour and a half you can prepare a full dinner or dinner for a large family or guests.
  • You can use the minimum amount of oil or cook completely without it, which will make all dishes easier and more dietary.
  • Cooking in an electric grill is a much more gentle and healthy way of heat treatment, especially if a contactless model is used: no carcinogens are formed, and most of the vitamins and other useful components are preserved.
  • Such a device is suitable not only for the home, but also for use outdoors. If you like kebabs or barbecues, then the electric grill will be an excellent alternative that does not require preparation and kindling, as well as constant monitoring.
  • The compact device is portable and mobile, so it can be easily transported and transported and used in any places that have access to the power grid.
  • The electric grill works almost silently, therefore the process of its operation will be comfortable and will not cause any inconvenience.
  • The possibility of cooking a variety of products: poultry, fish, meat, vegetables.
  • Relatively low cost, especially when compared with the price of other kitchen appliances.


Disadvantages of electric grills:

  • Despite its versatility, the electric grill will not be able to replace all kitchen appliances. So, in it it is impossible to do pastries, cook, fully cook for a couple and quickly heat up ready meals.
  • Tangible power consumption and associated costs. So, baking in the oven or cooking on the fire will cost cheaper.
  • If you do not know what to cook in such a device and, in principle, do not like this method of processing, then you will hardly be able to appreciate the electric grill and its full use.
  • A power source is required, which is not always possible.
  • The device can not be used outdoors in rainy weather, as this can lead to breakdowns, failure and short circuit.
  • The cooking speed is highly dependent on the network voltage.And although many manufacturers guarantee trouble-free operation, nevertheless, with sharp voltage surges, the elektogril can not function fully.

If you still doubt the need to purchase a grill, then, having evaluated all its minuses and pluses, you can make the right decision.

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