Pros and cons of fruit scrubs

Every woman wants to look perfect. But to achieve this goal it is necessary to make a lot of effort.

Modern cosmetology offers a large selection of procedures for every taste and budget. And one of the most popular among them is fruit peeling, which can be carried out independently using scrubs.

Effective cleansing

Scrubs are needed for deeper skin cleansing. Many care products do this only superficially, leaving residues of sebum, dirt, cosmetics in the pores, provoking inflammation over time. Peeling helps to remove these residues, while "removing" the upper, dead layer, and activating the process of regeneration.

This procedure also contributes to a better penetration of nutrients from creams and masks, and enhancing their action.

Today we will talk about fruit scrubs that can be prepared at home on the basis of seasonal berries and fruits.

Fruits are rich in vitamins and microelements, which they will gladly give to your skin. What are the beneficial properties of such peels?

  1. Thanks to the exfoliation of the upper layer of the dermis, the access of oxygen is increased several times, and the nutrients from the exfoliant act more efficiently.
  2. Fruit scrub acts exclusively on dead cells, without affecting the living, because its action is quite delicate.
  3. Acids contained in fruits and berries help to clean the pores, lighten traces of acne, pigmentation, scars and make fine wrinkles less noticeable.
  4. Natural antioxidants form an invisible protective film that is an excellent base for a uniform tan.
  5. Another plus of acids is the ability to maintain the desired acidity of the dermis, while not disturbing the pH balance.
  6. For the body, such peeling is relevant, first of all, in that it helps to fight with the “orange peel”. Abrasive particles align the turgor and make the surface of the body smoother and more even.
  7. For the face, fruit acids are no less useful. In addition to stimulating the production of collagen, they also activate the production of elastin, which is responsible for elasticity.

But this procedure has its drawbacks, among which are:

  1. Harm from abrasive particles.Improper handling and preparation of components that contribute to exfoliation can cause skin trauma.
  2. Rare use. Maximum - once a week. Some of this may not be enough, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the skin. But the frequent use of exfoliants threatens to "erase" the upper layer and its thinning. And this leads to increased susceptibility to UV rays and environmental influences.

Recipes for home use

For use in the home using ripe fruits rich in nutrients. During the season they are available, which means that the procedure does not require significant costs.

We offer you several recipes for products that contain only natural ingredients.

For problem skin

The ideal solution for problematic and oily skin. Exfoliates, effectively cleans pores, tightening them and lightening the tone of the face. A small amount of sugar should be mixed with lemon, put on a cotton pad and gently massage.

The only thing you need to check is the presence of allergic reactions to citrus fruits.

Anti cellulite

A real helper in getting rid of the external manifestations of cellulite.Make it a snap. It is only necessary to mix the pulp of a single large plum without a stone with 1/3 tbsp. ground coffee and the same amount of salt, pour 1 tbsp. vegetable oil.

Make an active massage of the problem areas after pre-steaming in a warm shower or bath.


Watermelon is a juicy berry, which, in addition to an incredibly pleasant taste, also has a refreshing effect on the skin, improving blood circulation processes. To prepare such a scrub will be required 1 tbsp. watermelon juice and flour. Flour should be added gradually, constantly stirring, to a mushy state. After apply on face, massage and rinse with warm water.


Peeling with kiwi helps to remove the horny layer, and the fruit itself has an antioxidant effect, slowing down the aging process. Pulp 1 fruit pitted to turn into mush, add 2 tbsp. sugar and 1 tbsp. almond oil. Apply on face in circular motions, allow to dry, then rinse.

Scrubs are fairly safe cosmetics. But they also have contraindications, including:

  • Inflammation and rash. Due to the use of a product with abrasive particles, it is possible to expand the area of ​​inflammation.
  • Allergy.Before use, you must make a test to make sure that the selected fruit does not cause allergies.
  • Thin derma. In this case, hard friction can lead to microcracks and damage.

After applying exfoliants, the skin needs moisturizing, as the products can be dried. Take care to always have a suitable lotion or cream in your arsenal. The best time for the procedure is at bedtime, it is at this time that the regeneration processes are accelerated. Be beautiful!

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