Pros and cons of the profession of food photographer

Did you know that in our time, the profession of a food photographer has become quite popular? What is the secret of this skill? The answer is very simple: “By the magic act of a professional photographer, ordinary dishes look chic and presentable.”

Who it?

The task of a food photographer is to create a bright, appetizing photo of food, culinary masterpieces and other food for advertisements, illustrations in fashion magazines, cookbooks, and other media. To do the job in the best possible way, the master of his craft applies various photo effects, objects and accessories. Sometimes even open a photo studio for this.

Without fail, a professional should thoroughly know all about culinary art and about cooking in general. Often a food photographer becomes one who started his career with cooking, and eventually felt himself creative potential and began to make unique photos of various delicacies.

What education is needed?

How to become a food photographer? For this, it is not necessary to get a higher education. In this profession, talent, experience, creative spirit, ability to see the magic in the “simple” is more appreciated. Yes, it is desirable that a person is intellectually developed and educated (enough bachelor's degree), but the advantage is given only to those food photographers who provide a decent portfolio and can boast a solid working experience in this field.

That is why experienced professionals recommend that you begin your career as a student or assistant and at the same time receive a bachelor's degree in the arts.

Primary requirements

A successful food photographer can only become if:

  • have a clear idea of ​​the subject being photographed,
  • it is good to know your working tools: a camera, lighting ..., and to master them perfectly;
  • have spatial imagination;
  • know the numerous methods of placing a photo object;
  • It is good to cook, when talking to a customer, to talk about food, as they say, "in one language";
  • be ready to perform meticulous work that requires special scrupulousness;
  • be patient;
  • master the art of creating a still life;
  • maximize your time.

Demand for this profession

Nowadays, food photographer is not difficult to find a job and make good money on it. The list of employers may be unlimited, for example:

  • individual points of the restaurant business;
  • food industry company;
  • home-based freelance work;
  • corporate clients (and in parallel it is possible to work with several customers);
  • a large corporation;
  • food company;
  • magazine editors;
  • publishers of books about food, cooking, etc .;
  • companies in the field of advertising business.

Profession Cons

Despite the demand for this profession, not everyone will take up this painstaking creative work. What are the disadvantages of this type of activity? There are not many of them, but still it is:

  • scrupulousness and routine work - not done quickly;
  • a high degree of stress in the workplace in case of failures, failure to plan;
  • expensive arrangement of his photo studio (in the absence of the studio at the customer-employer);
  • regular exit photo sessions, which means that the availability of your transport is mandatory (desirable);
  • nervous tension in connection with limited terms established by the employer, as well as repeated worries about his opinion (to meet the expectations of the customer, to adequately respond to his criticism, etc.);
  • the high cost of good equipment for creating high-quality food photos;
  • fatigue, lack of sleep;
  • high and tough level of competition.


But, anyway, in this kind of activity there are lots of positive nuances. The main thing is to like it, then the cons go into the background!

The main advantages due to which people are engaged in this business:

  • high profit payment;
  • the opportunity to self-actualize, and also to turn a hobby into a business that brings a good income,
  • make your creative dreams and plans come true;
  • choosing your own schedule - if you work in the state, and for freelance workers - a free work schedule.

If you are a creative person with a baggage of knowledge about cooking, then do not hesitate, the profession of food photographer is your vocation!

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