Radio-controlled helicopter with a video camera

The integration of various technological areas allows you to create original technological "hybrids". Radio-controlled toy technology develops from year to year, offering new and new models of the most diverse technology: both ground-based (tanks, buggies, cars), and floating (ships, boats, boats) and airplanes (airplanes and helicopters, multi-copters). There is also a wide choice among models of construction or railway equipment. Civil and military transport, classic and futuristic designs. "VIP-style" design and styling under the technique, working in harsh conditions. Speed ​​models and units of massive, heavy machinery. Representatives of the "steam" era of transport development and samples of the most modern technologies. The choice today is almost limitless, and the range continues to grow steadily.

The same happens about a completely different technological field, talking about video.Devices that record video are constantly looking for new form factors, angles and attachments for shooting. It all began with a stationary tripod. This tripod was subsequently fixed on road or railway platforms, lifted into the air by airships and airplanes. With the reduction of video equipment dimensions, it became possible to transfer the camera, first using both hands, and later - using fixtures on one hand. The lighter, more compact and more convenient for transportation the video camera became, the more the operator's capabilities grew. Systems of mechanical and electronic image stabilization also developed. Sharp movements, shaking, constant turns in different directions have ceased to cause blurring of the image, failures of focusing and loss of sharpness of a picture. At the maximum stages of the development of stabilization systems and opportunities to minimize the device - there is no need for manual image calibration. Now it is possible to mount special chambers on the helmets of athletes, steering forks of bicycles and motorcycles, wings of hang-gliders and gliders, and so on.

And it became possible to combine two technological branches: radio-controlled gadgets and video cameras in a single whole. So we got a radio-controlled helicopter with a video camera. Such device combines long-term history and achievements of technological areas of aviation and video recording.

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